These are the most ingenious infinity pools in Merano and surroundings

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A jump into the cool water is just as much a part of your vacation in Merano as a stroll through the Merano arcades, like the obligatory aperitivo, but also a walk along the Tappeinerweg? Infinity pools are ingenious constructions of (seemingly) rimless pools, which by means of lowered edges make the water visually disappear into infinity and give a clear view of the surroundings.
We have compiled the seven most beautiful hotels with infinity pools in Merano, where you can relax and enjoy the view to your heart's content!

The infinity glass pool at Hotel Quellenhof

San Martino - Val Passiria
infinitypool meran quellenhof 1 von 1
Recently, the glass infinity pool, which is modeled after a blossom, rises to a large extent above the roof of Guesthouse F and spoils you with an unobstructed view of the Passeier mountains. Thanks to continuous glass walls AND a glass floor, you'll float weightlessly above things here all year round at 32 degrees Celsius. Fire torches lit around the pool at dusk set the mood daily for the evening ahead, creating a magical atmosphere.
Situated in the middle of the resort, the Sport Infinity Pool captivates with its location and your view all the way to the hotel's own golf course and beyond to the Merano valley basin. For ambitious swimmers there is even a timing system available. Very close to the infinity pool is also a top indoor pool connected to the outdoor pool (all year 32 °), outdoor saltwater pool (all year 34 °).
Also part of the Quellenhof is the Hotel Alpenschlössel, which has a fantastic Sky Infinity Pool on the roof of the house.

The new infinity pool at the Mesnerwirt Hotel

mesner winfinity
The new infinity pool at the Mesnerwirt Hotel
The Mesnerwirt Hotel in Hafling, known for its warm welcome and dream location, is launching a real highlight in 2024: starting in May, the new infinity pool will be ready for your dives into the cool water! Situated in the postcard idyll of the Hafling high plateau, this pool offers an unbelievable infinity view - directly onto the Hafling high plateau and the legendary Ifinger mountain. A real eye-catcher that makes every visit an Instagram hit.
The catch? The pool boasts top-notch water quality - fresh mountain spring water straight from the Meran 2000 source, completely chemical-free, gentle on skin, eyes, & nose. The hotel relies on an ultra-innovative, eco-friendly filtration system that delivers you clear water, just as if you were swimming in a natural mountain lake. Whether it's summer heat or winter chill, the pool is the new place-to-be at Mesnerwirt with a perfect 30°C in summer and cozy 32°C in winter. Open for Business: non-stop in summer and from 7 to 10 as well as from 15 to 18 in winter. And when the sun sets, Mesnerwirt-specific lighting comes into play - immersing everything in magical light and creating an atmosphere you won't soon forget. Ready to dive?

The infinity pool on the roof of "Das Dorner"

dorner 4
The Infinity Relax Pool on the roof on the 4th floor of the Hotel Das Dorner in Lagundo completes its SKY SPA (Adults only) and crowns with its 360 degree view over the rooftops of Algund every vacation in this newly converted 4 star superior hotel. This fabulously located pool is just under 150 sq. ft in size, heated year-round and equipped with whirlpool relaxation loungers. The pool is surrounded by several lounging areas among olive trees, outdoor and indoor showers are also available. The bathing and viewing pleasures begin here already early in the morning at 07:15 and end in summer only at 22:00, in autumn and winter at 20:00-perfect to enjoy here, on the highest building far and wide at any time of day, the peace, far away from noise and bustle.

The new infinity pool of the Hotel Viktoria

Wellnees Hotel Meran Alpine Spa Resort Viktoria 3985
As soon as you enter the newly designed, grand lobby of the Hotel Viktoria in Avelengo, your gaze immediately falls on the alpine garden on the southern side of the house, where the stately infinity pool serves as an eye-catcher on the one hand, and as a longing destination for water and landscape lovers on the other. Even if it can be sensitively cold here in winter at almost 1400 meters above sea level, this pool is heated all year round on all its 25 meters and offers a fantastic view of the gentle surroundings, which are characterized by forests and meadows.

The infinity saltwater pool of the Hotel Terme Merano

Merano center
infinity pool therme meran 2791
The Infinity Sole Pool is one of a whole list of highlights that the Hotel Terme Meraon has to offer for bathing and wave lovers in its Sky Spa on the roof. Everything here revolves around the unobstructed view, which you can enjoy in the 32°-34 °C warm water: free and unobstructed, the view here offers almost intimate glimpses of the Therme square below, over the roofs of Merano's old town and up to the mighty Texel Group, whose 3000-meter peaks present themselves even more majestically from here. The enormous length of the pool of 22 meters ensures that there is enough space for everyone to let their thoughts run free and enjoy the dolce vita that sets the tone here.

The infinity pool of the new Prinz Rudolf Smarthotel

prinz pool rudolf 3 01037
What a pool! The 85 m² infinity pool of the Prinz Rudolf is as new as the Prinz Rudolf Smarthotel itself. The latter is considered the hottest hotel new opening in Merano in 2020 and offers, in addition to 2 small / round infinity pools on the green roof over a unique pool on the last floor of the house. Access to the large infinity pool is reserved exclusively for those house guests who have booked access to SPA & Pool, so it is also quiet here - fortunately - because so you can enjoy the fantastic view of the surrounding forests, the spa town of Merano and the highest peaks of the Texelgruppe even more relaxed!
Thanks to modern salt water treatment, you will find here a particularly soft water with low chlorine content, which makes the swimming experience even more pleasant.

The Panorama Infinity Pool at the Hotel "Der Waldhof²"

Foiana - Lana
The first free-floating infinity pool in the Merano area was just reopened in spring 2019 at the Hotel Waldhof. Through a practical indoor entrance you get into the warm, then it goes for a fabulous 22 meters out into the open air. Thanks to the free-floating design, swimming here almost feels like flying, thanks also to the fabulous view of the Mayenburg (opposite) and the Adige Valley to the left. This pool plays to its strengths at any time of day. But it is certainly at its finest there in the early morning hours, when the sun rises over the Ifinger on the opposite side of the valley.

The infinity pool at Hotel Vinea

hotel meran infinity pool
At the Vinea Hotel, built in 2018, a partially covered Sole Infinity Pool awaits you daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Perfect for a morning swim before breakfast, while the first sun rays of the day catch on Merano, while the Texelgruppe is already in full light. Both you can see from here! In summer this pool is 27 °C warm, while in the cold seasons the water is heated to a pleasant 31 °C! Next to the pool is a small but nice sunbathing area, which gives you a mediterrean feeling with its Mediterranean vegetation!

The infinity pool at Hotel Golserhof

pools golserhof  4
The only hotel on this list without an interior entry scores with its view. And what a view! From the water, which is at least 26 degrees, you have an unobstructed view from Maia Alta, the green villa district of Merano, to the mountain peaks of Ifinger and Hirzer and the Passeier Valley. The infinity experience here is certainly the greatest when you have spent your day in these mountains, better than from this infinity pool in Merano you can not review an eventful day.
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