Small but nice village on the mountain
Hafling has achieved fame as the birthplace and breeding ground of Haflinger horses. As reliable and popular are the representatives of this horse breed, the place is also popular as a vacation destination.

Aveengo- The sunny balcony over Merano

So reliable is here both the many sunshine, as well as the many eventful active possibilities. The reasons for this are obvious: on the one hand, the proximity to Merano, the spa town with its many attractions is only about 15 minutes away by car, despite the different altitude, and on the other hand, the direct connection to Merano 2000, the hiking and skiing area, which is only a stone's throw away.

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Avelengo - The village

Avelengo is situated on a sunny plateau above Merano. While the village center is located at 1300 meters above sea level, the municipal area reaches high up to the ridge of the Salten and the ski and hiking area Merano 2000. You can plan a vacation in Avelengo at any time. In the warm season there are extensive hikes and bike tours, while in the cold season winter hiking to the numerous alpine pastures, skiing and tobogganing on Merano 2000 form the basis for the perfect winter vacation.

Impressions of Avelengo

5 things you should do in Avelengo!

Summer and early autumn are the ideal seasons in Avelengo to visit its mountain region around Merano 2000, but also those alpine pastures that extend south of Hafling in the direction of Salten. But also "down", around the village there are some interesting places to visit!

Pay a visit to the Sulfner pond

sulfner pond
A small lake, full of fragrant water lilies in the middle of the forest. You can get there by an easy, gentle hike (takes about 20 minutes from Sulfner), through a dense and cool forest. Take the time to admire the hundreds of dragonflies from the resting benches around the lake.

Take a hike to the Malga Alm

wurzer alm aerial  2
The Malga Wurzer is a hiking destination, which is not easy to reach, the climb from Hafling takes about. 1, 5 hours, but it's worth it! Its unique location, many different animals to pet, as well as decidedly exquisite specialties from the kitchen are the reward for the effort.

Explore the hiking area Merano 2000

meran 2000 bergstation 871x580
The family-friendly ski and hiking area Merano 2000 belongs to Avelengo and can be reached quickly from here. In the district Falzeben you will find enough parking space (in summer and winter also served by bus) and the best starting point to the area. Here you can decide if you want to start on foot or if you want to take advantage of the cable car for the first 300 meters of altitude.

Climb to the summit of Mount Ivigna

ifinger abend 0043 864x540
There are two peaks on the Mount Ivigna. The small, somewhat lower one can be reached without any technical difficulties, while the little larger one requires instead a head for heights and a minimum of technical skill on the rock. You can decide almost at the last moment which of the two peaks you want to climb. All two, however, will reward you with an incredibly beautiful view of Merano and its surroundings. The minimum ascent is 600 meters if you start this summit tour from the top station of the cable car Merano 2000.

Visit of cinema Nature Knottnkino

knottnkino 04770 864x576 1
The Knottnkino, halfway between Avelengo and Verano, is open 24/7. The missing cinema screen is replaced by the magnificent panorama, the film consists of the constantly changing views and vistas due to light and weather.