Walking paths in Merano

Which walking paths and promenades in Merano should you visit? Best all of them!
Don't forget to visit the famous Tappeiner promenade, which runs just above the roofs of Merano!
The Merano promenades were created 150 years ago and still today they have lost none of their charm and beauty. While the wide spa promenade, directly at the magnificent Kurhaus up to the Wandelhalle, is still sophisticated, it is immediately after the summer and winter promenade more quiet and contemplative.

Take your time if you want to visit the Merano promenades. Get yourself an ice cream and take a leisurely stroll past the Wandelhalle in a northerly direction to the Gilfpromenade. Take advantage of the numerous resting places and listen to the murmur of the Passer river. Only with silence you can enjoy the Mediterranean fauna here, far away from noise and traffic. In spring, at the time of snowmelt, the Passer swells very strongly. In this period the canoeists of SC Merano take control of the water and fascinate with their breathtaking maneuvers, which you can follow from the promenades.

The walks & promenades in Merano



2_ Kurhaus
The Kurpromenade is without a doubt one of the central points of the city, here, directly at the Kurhaus, the old town meets the southern districts of Merano. The winter promenade starts from the Post Bridge on the orographic right bank of the Passer river and leads past the Wandelhalle and the Stone Bridge from the 16th century to the Gilf Gorge, which takes the hiker over a bridge at the Gilf Gorge to the left side of the river. From where you`ll reach the summer promenade, which leads back to the Sissipark and the Post Bridge.

Tappeiner Promenade

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The most famous walk in Merano runs above the historic center of the city to Lagundo. Along the Tappeiner promenade you will be accompanied by a very diverse and well-kept flora with some rare specimens, which come from all over the world.

The Winter Promenade

winterpromenade meran 870x580
...leads from the Post Bridge to the Gilf Gorge. Its name comes from its sunny location and the fact that it is and was very popular for walks even in the cold season. At its end, a larger-than-life Atlas awaits the visitor with his heavy load on his shoulders, immediately after which a short path leads to a vantage point on the Gilf gorge, which is especially in the spring, during the snowmelt on the mountains, a literally "exhilarating" event: the Passirio riverleads here very high, wild water, which through the narrow rock gorge direction.

The Summer Promenade

promenaden meran 00536 870x580
... leads from the Gilf gorge back to the Sissipark, this time on the shady side of the Passirio river. This is also the reason for its name, as it is mainly used in summer, when its location provides shade and the Passirio carries a fresh cool breeze. At its end, in the park at the Post Bridge, stands one of the most photographed monuments of Merano, that of the Empress Sissi.

The Gilf Promenade

bank gilf 07389
Where the summer and winter promenade meet north of Merano and a bridge spans the narrow Gilf gorge, the small Gilfpromenade takes its course. Passing the Atlas, the Gilfpromenade ends after only a few meters at unique resting benches which, built into the rock, offer deep views of the roaring water below.

The Merano Waal Paths

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Ideal walks outside the city. The Waal paths of Merano accompany ancient man-made watercourses, which carry water from the rivers to the orchards. These run for many kilometers through nature with little slope.
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