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Tappeiner promenade

Conceived and donated by the spa doctor Dr. Tappeiner, the Tappeinerweg has been running above Meran's rooftops for 150 years and, despite its age, has lost none of its popularity - quite the contrary!
At any time of the day or year, the Tappeiner promenade is the right place to recover from the stress of everyday life, while a few steps in the clear Merano air are the best way to recharge your batteries- Just in the spirit of Dr. Tappeiner's spa philosophy!

More than 400 different plants line this walking path, donated by the famous Merano spa doctor, on its route from Monte San Zeno to Quarazze.
At the beginning of the Tappeinerweg is the Powder Tower, as well as the public herb garden.
There and back, the whole route to Gratsch is 6 km on level ground, which, thanks to its beauty, passes by much too quickly!


There are several ways to reach the Tappeiner promenade via Merano: Thanks to its central position above the city, you can get up on foot via the winter promenade, via old and steep path behind the parish church and from Gallilei Street, just next to Restaurant Sissi. An average walk takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the route.

In the evening the Tappeiner promenade offers a romantic view of the city lights, in the summer months you can feel how the rocks and walls along the route slowly give off their heat.

The Tappeiner promenade is always open. On holidays and in the tourist high season, however, it can get crowded, as the "Tappeinerweg" is very busy.
The evenings are quiet and relaxed. While some joggers make their rounds, you will always find space on the numerous park benches, from which you can enjoy the view of Merano in peace.
At the beginning of the Tappeiner promenade (city side) you can climb the 26 meter high Pulverturm. The Tappeinerweg is lined with benches and lookout points, which offer rest and a view of Merano.
At the level of Merano's parish church there is a species-rich, publicly accessible herb garden, which is maintained by Merano's city nursery.



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