The 16 most ingenious resting places with a view of Merano

Places to linger and pause, where you can breathe deeply and let your soul dangle.
Countless benches line the hiking and walking trails in Merano and the surrounding area. Naturally, these are erected in particularly beautiful places to garnish a pleasant rest with a great view. You can find them along busy walkways and promenades, rushing streams, lush alpine meadows and steep hiking trails. Each of them invites you to linger, many offer wide views and deep insights into the beauty of the region.
Here you will find the most beautiful benches around Merano, which offer rest and tranquility as well as majestic view(s) that you simply must have seen!

Grumser Bühel

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This very suggestive resting place is located on the newly built hiking trail, which leads from the Fragsburg Castle to the Greiterhof. The partly steep climb there (about 25 minutes walking time) is definitely worth the effort! Here you will find absolute peace and a fabulous view of the Merano valley basin.

Sentiero dei campi/ Scena

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In the midst of the orchards south of the village center of Scena along the meadow path. Set directly into a granite boulder, this bench offers an unobstructed view of the Merano basin and Tirolo.

San Valentino / Rametz

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Not quite easy to find, but all the more peaceful for it. Amidst the vineyards of St. Valentin, the view sweeps over Rametz Castle to Merano and the majestic Texel Group.

Sentiero Mitterplattweg/ Scena

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Before the Mitterplattweg leads from Scena via the narrow alley to Merano / Maia Alta, this bench with its 180 degree view invites you to linger and explore the Merano valley basin.

Castel Gatto

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Directly next to the road to Castello Gatto (Katzenstein), right after passing the Rauthof, surrounded by steep vineyards from this bench you can directly see Maia Alta, Punta Muta and, on the right in the picture the Cima Matatz in Val Passiria.

Hiking trail Labers/ Greiter

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Located directly on hiking trail no. 2, which leads from Labers to Greiterhof, you will find yourself on a small rocky outcrop at this bench. Even if the view is now somewhat overgrown, the location and tranquility here make up for this small shortcoming.

Hiking trail Merano- Avelengo

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Here, too, nature has reclaimed some of the free view, directly on the hiking trail Merano to Hafling. (No.2) After you have just brought the but the longest piece of the route behind you it does not bother that you have to look a little strained through the trees to see Merano.
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Ideal resting place for all those who have made the ascent to Labers from the parking lot below Trauttmannsdorff Castle. Extensive vineyards in the foreground, the Adige Valley and Merano in the center, the Nörderberg, the Laugen and some mountains of Ulten in the background are ideally visible from here.

Passo Naifjoch

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Last rest before the steep climb to Mount Ifinger! Or did you still want to turn around to stop at the lower Waidmann Alm? For both situations, this bench offers a top view of the entire area of Merano 2000, while in the back the steep Ifinger massif and the wild Naif Valley valley offer intimate views. For some, this bench forms the scenic milestone of the Naifjoch the highlight of a short excursion, for others, the "real" climb over the summit ridge to the Ifinger begins here.

Tappeiner Promenade

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It is obvious that it is rare to find a free seat on these benches during the day: they are located on the Tappeiner promenade, probably the best known and most beautiful walk in the region. But at a late hour, as soon as vacationers and daytime guests have said goodbye, you can experience the most beautiful view of Merano's old town alone or in pairs until late at night.

Trauttmansdorff throne chairs

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What a place! Surrounded by roses, palm trees and vineyards, directly on the bike path on the Töll, the transition between Merano and the lower Vinschau Valley, the huge Trauttmansdorff Throne Chairs offer a truly majestic view of Lagundo and the Merano valley basin.

Scena Waalweg Trails

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To get a free place here or even alone and undisturbed to enjoy the view is very, very difficult! The Scena Waalweg Trail is one of the most popular Waalweeg Ttails of Merano and is accordingly heavily frequented ... But if you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy the view over St. Giorgio, Scena, Merano village and Tirolo with the ripple of the Waal in the background, this rest area will give you a lasting, beautiful memory!
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If you are looking for a secluded place to rest, which should also offer a fabulous view, you are exactly right on the Lenzeben Alm! Situated on the Taser high trail, you can settle down at this unmanaged alp in complete peace and enjoy the view of Merano 2000, the Salto and Falzeben.

Gola della Gilf

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High above the wild and narrow Gilf gorge, where the Passer river enters Merano, you can relax and listen to the sound of the river. This bench is located at the very end of the winter promenade of Merano.

S. Caterina / Avelengo

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This place is reachable in a walk of about 15 minutes from the famous little church of S. Caterina towards Merano 2000. Free and breathtaking view on Merano, it is recommended to pass there also in the evening hours.

Bench at Botanical Gardens Trauttmansdorff Castle

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The botanical gardens offer a variety of seating, but this bench, located at the foot of the castle, offers the ultimate in tranquility and majestic views of the gardens.

Bench near Hotel Waldhof in Foiana

Unfortunately not open to the public, but wonderfully located in Foiana above Lana. This resting bench is located in the forest park of the Hotel Waldhof and opens up the view of Merano from the south and offers a deep insight into the Passeier Valley. (Photo © Stefan Mahlknecht)
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