The most important events in Merano

Throughout the year, cultural highlights, but also a lot of events in Merano offer a varied program.
These include top events such as the various traditional parades and festivals, major events such as the races at the horse racing course, the Merano WineFestival and the traditional Merano Advent, all of which take place in Merano. The big events are joined by many smaller, thematic events. This category includes village festivals, concerts of the local music bands, but also hut festivals on the alpine pastures, exhibitions and major sporting events in the entire Merano region.

The events in Merano


The Merano Grape Festival

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Lots of folklore, tradition and customs. The Merano Grape Festival with its splendid parade on Sunday morning attracts whole armies of spectators. If you manage to get a good spot along the route of the parade, you can be prepared for a joyful, colorful and very traditional experience.

Merano WineFestival

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Every year at the beginning of November, the whole of Merano is under siege: experts from all over the world, winemakers and gourmets, who of course arrive with peaceful intentions, meet at the Kurhaus to taste and evaluate wines, but also spirits and other specialties from all over the world for an entire weekend in the glamorous setting of the Merano WineFestival. In addition to all the strict etiquette around the noble drops, but also the common enjoyment and getting to know each other certainly do not come too short!

Merano Christmas Market

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The backdrop: The magnificent spa promenade, the time-honored Kurhaus, snow-covered mountains all around, many, many fires everywhere.
The smell of mulled wine, cinnamon, cloves and Christmas cookies, but also of hearty delicacies. Choirs sing, music groups play. Add to that a very relaxed mood and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. In short: If the hectic pace of everyday life has you firmly in its grip, visit the Merano Christmas Market, which is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit very quickly with its beauty!

Asfaltart - The street artist festival

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Stop! Before you turn up your nose because you read "street artists" - the Asfaltart is not about the classic panpipe players in front of shopping malls, but about internationally known artists, comedians and musicians who will make the city of Merano unsafe for a whole weekend - and will entertain and inspire you in the most splendid way!
If you are in the mood for a weekend full of good humor, a visit to the Asfaltart should be at the top of your list!

The long Tuesdays of Merano

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The name already tells a lot: but above all that you will come to bed late! Not only because stores, restaurants and bars stay open longer than usual on Long Tuesdays, but also because there is plenty of music and entertainment as well as culinary specialties on every corner of the old town. If you plan a trip to one of the long Tuesdays, you can look forward to a very relaxed stroll in a romantic setting with summer temperatures!

The Grand Prix of Merano

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The Grand Prix of Merano, always takes place at the end of September on the great horse racing course. Don't forget to try your luck with a horse bet!

Traditional parade of Haflinger horses

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Stylish ladies, dashing lads ... and your blondes. The latter are the elegant Haflinger horses, which freshly groomed once a year in the context of a Haflinger parade stroll through the city to the racecourse to compete there in the traditional Haflinger gallop race!
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