Merano WineFestival

Every year at the beginning of November the whole of Merano is under siege: experts from all over the world, winemakers and gourmets, who of course arrive with peaceful intentions, then meet at the Kurhaus to taste and evaluate wines, but also spirits and other specialties from all over the world for an entire weekend. Beside all strict etiquette around the noble drops however also the common enjoying and mutual getting to know come certainly not too briefly!

What began in 1992 as a small meeting, has since developed into one of the most recognized Meet Up `s of the wine scene - worldwide! The team around chief organizer Helmut Köcher invited also this year 450 wine producers from Italy and abroad, in order to present their products to the 6000 passionate visitors.


Friendships are made, business relationships are initiated, partnerships are sealed. Acoustically accompanied by many conversations, laughter, clinking glasses and the characteristic "pop" of the corks.

A full house, satisfied faces among exhibitors and organizers, fully booked hotels throughout Merano and pleasant people who populated the pubs and restaurants throughout the city until late into the night.
Every year the Wine Festival is a success all along the line for all involved and again a special experience. For this, the Merano Helmuth Köcher, initiator and driving force behind the Merano Wine Festival and his team deserve great praise and all honor!
Tickets for the Merano WineFestival should be ordered in time, the best way is to order them online on the website of the organizer.
The Merano WineFestival 2022 runs from 04 to 08 November 2022 and takes place as usual at the Kurhaus.
Open from 10:00 - 18:00.
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