Il Martedì lungo a Merano

The name already tells a lot: but above all that you will come to bed late! Not only because stores, restaurants and bars stay open longer than usual on Long Tuesdays, but also because there is plenty of music and entertainment as well as culinary specialties on every corner of the old town.

If you plan a trip to one of the long Tuesdays, you can look forward to a very relaxed stroll in a romantic setting at summer temperatures!
The Long Tuesdays in Merano are part of a series of events that are organized during the summer months and around the old town. To a varied program, which is every Tuesday under a new motto, stores and pubs keep open longer.


Lots of music, tasty food and the magical evening atmosphere, as it can only be after a hot summer day. It is very relaxed, in the Portici, Corso Liberia, on Piazza della Renna and Piazza Terme as well on the  Kurpromenade live music plays, in addition, small delicacies and cool drinks are served at numerous stalls.
If you spend your vacation in a hotel, you do not need to book dinner for Tuesday night. So you don't miss the unique gastronomic offer of this event!

The series of events takes place every Tuesday from the beginning of July to mid-August.
The program of the Tuesday evening in Merano starts at 18:00 and runs until about midnight.
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