Museums worth seeing in Merano

How did women lace up their bodices 200 years ago? How did the people of Merano live in the Middle Ages and what means of transport did tourists once use?
In Merano there are a total of five museums that provide answers to these questions, many more are waiting to be visited in the immediate vicinity. Directly in the old town, right next to the parish church, the new Merano City Museum has opened its doors in the Palais Mamming, and in the middle of the arcades you will find the sovereign castle and the Merano Women's Museum. When you visit the botanical gardens, you can take in the Touriseum almost in passing and travel through the history of tourism in South Tyrol. So let's go there, because the museums in Merano are worth a visit not only on rainy days. From Easter 2019, a "New Entry" among the Merano museums awaits you: the Villa Freischütz in Maia Alta.

The top museums in Merano


The Merano City Museum

The Merano City Museum
The Merano City Museum
Merano's most important museum, just opened in the magnificent historic walls of the Palais Mamming.
And because the aforementioned palace was too small for the new city museum's large collection of exhibits, it was not only given a new lease of life, but a complete museum wing was also driven into the rock behind it on the Monte San Zeno. In complete contrast to the existing historical halls, the most modern architecture dominates here, creating a breathtakingly beautiful setting for the exhibitions from the materials rock, glass and steel.

Prince's castle

Via Galilei
landesfuerstliche burg 00360 864x603
In the heart of Merano's old town, between the arcades and the stairway to the Tappeiner promenade, you can enter this old hunting lodge through its very, very small entrance door. Immediately after entering the princely castle, you feel like you've been transported back a few centuries, because today the castle acts as a time capsule... As if the nobles who inhabited the castle had just left!

The Women's Museum

Via Mainardo
frauenmuseum meran 1024x683 864x576
The name actually says almost everything: here everything revolves around women and around how the role of women has changed over the centuries. But also about how much still needs to be done for women. A museum that takes a different look at women, far from any clichés. An interesting and educational museum visit, of course also for men!


Castel Trauttmansdorff
touriseum meran 00660 1024x703
Are you also a tourist in Merano? If so, don't miss a visit to the Touriseum! Here, in the Museum of Tourism you will learn firsthand how people spent their vacations in Merano 200 years ago... And how people reached Merano in the first place!
Among the very interesting exhibits are also real curiosities, such as the perfectly preserved remains of a chocolate cake that Empress Sissi ate during one of her stays in Merano.

Villa Freischütz Museum

Via Priami
villa freischuetz 1 8 1024x683
An old, stately villa in Maia Alta was given new life at Easter 2019: the museum in the Villa Freischütz opened. Here you can admire works of art from all over the world and several centuries, but also everyday objects, documents, collector's items, old games and collections from the time anno 1880 to 1950. In addition, there are numerous documents and contemporary witnesses from the years 1920 to 1941, which document the history of Merano in these turbulent times.  The house alone with its fantastic rooms and the surrounding park is a sight par excellance. The museum is located only a few minutes walk from the Sissiweg.
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