Are you also a tourist in Merano? If so, don't miss a visit to the Touriseum! Here, in the Museum of Tourism you will learn firsthand how people spent their vacations in Merano 200 years ago... and how they reached Merano in the first place! Among the very interesting exhibits are also real curiosities, such as the perfectly preserved remains of a chocolate cake that Empress Sissi ate during one of her stays in Merano.

There can be no better place for the Touriseum, the museum of the history of tourism: Here at Trauttmansdorff Castle, Empress Sissi resided with her ailing daughter and thus provided the initial spark for tourism in Merano. Suddenly everyone was talking about Merano as a climatic health resort and legions of spa guests from all over the world began to travel to Merano.


From then on, things went from strength to strength: Merano was connected to the railroad network, the municipal theater was built, the Kurhaus, the Kurpromenade, the Tappeinerweg and much more to make the stay of guests as pleasant as possible.

Today the Touriseum is located in the very rooms where the empress walked. A variety of interesting and originally preserved exhibits, combined with multimedia presentations, convey the 200-year history of tourism in Merano and the rest of South Tyrol.

A tour through the well preserved rooms gives an insight into the life of the famous emperors, to whom Merano owes so much. The Touriseum at Trauttmansdorff Castle is the center of the renowned botanical gardens and can be reached exclusively through them.


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South Tyrolean Museum of Tourism
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