Bridge Head Museum

A bridgehead. An old block of large stones, of which it is only recently known that it is not as old as assumed. Nevertheless, a lot of history has taken place here, which is also explained very pictorially. It is the smallest museum the editors have ever seen, but definitely worth a visit!
It is considered certain that the Romans already operated a bridge over the wild Adige River here near Lagundo in order to collect taxes and customs duties. Thus, the remains of the bridgehead were long considered a relic from Roman times, until wooden finds underneath the walls destroyed this certainty: The Lagundo bridgehead in its present form dates back to the Middle Ages! However, if one considers the daring history of the course of the Adige River up to its regulation with its repeated floods, it is not surprising that, according to old reports, even the Romans had to rebuild this bridge again and again.


Nevertheless: Very worth seei
Through a modern glass cube, which functions as an entrance, you reach a staircase down to the foundation of the bridgehead. On the right hand side, under the glass roof, you can see the perfectly carved granite stones of the bridgehead. Opposite, there are information boards telling the story of the bridge at Algund from Roman times to the present day. On the bridgehead itself you will reach an old chapel, which has been standing there for about 200 years, by climbing a few steps on a sloping and worn staircase.


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The museum is located directly at the large parking lot at the Lido Lagundo. It is only a few steps from the car to the entrance.
In the immediate vicinity, a wooden bridge connects Lagundo with the fraction Forst, from where you can have a very good view of the Adige River.

The entrance is free of charge. The museum is open daily from 08:00- 18:00