Parking in Merano

Are you looking for a parking space in Merano? Maybe even on a rainy Friday or during the Christmas markets?
It has to be said, Merano is a disaster in terms of traffic... This is also due to the fact that the Monte San Zeno north of the city makes all-around traffic impossible, at least until the tunnel planned there is realized. Especially in the old town and in Maia Alta, where dozens of one-way streets and traffic bans prevail, the patience of every driver is often severely tested, especially at rush hours and on holidays, during Fridays and especially during the Christmas market.
If you have the option to leave your car at the hotel, take advantage of this option and enjoy a walk through the beautiful alleys and strolls to reach your destination in peace. But if you are looking for parking in Merano, use the map and this guide to find the most suitable parking in Merano for you!

The main parking lots in Merano (Update August 2023)


Parking St. Josef

The newest addition 2021 among the parking garages in Merano is centrally located, easy to reach and offers your car all the comfort and security of a newly built parking garage. Suitable especially for all those who come from Obermais, Dorf Tirol, Schenna, Passiertal and Hafling, the Parking St. Josef is located just before the Postbrücke and the Thermen-Tunnel, so you avoid all the traffic lights and traffic on the way to and from said places. Nevertheless, the Parking ST. Josef, which is located in the underground parking of the brand new nursing home & medical center St. Josef, is only a stone's throw away from the old town, which can be reached on foot in about 3 minutes.

Parking fee: 1,30 € / ½ hour

Parking Terme Merano

The queen of the parking garages in Merano! Underground, central, easy to reach and especially comfortable, because as soon as you leave your car, you are already at the Thermae Square! From here everything you need to see in Merano is just a few steps away!
The parking garage Terme Merano has two dedicated parking spaces with 22 KW connection (E-charging station) for electric cars on floor A. You can pay the charging fee directly by credit card or Paypal after scanning a QR code. The charging station is operated by Alperia.

Parking fee: 3,00 € / hour

Karl Wolf Parking

One of the parking lots with the most availability when the others are already fully parked. To get there you have to cross the city first, but once there it's only a 5 minute walk to the Meraner Portici!

Fee: 2,40 € / hour (free for 15 minutes)

Plaza Parking

The newcomer among the parking garages in Merano! This newly built covered parking offers absolute proximity to the center. From here it is 3-4 minutes walk to get under the Portici of Merano. A bit narrow for large cars /SUVs!

Fee: 2,70 € / hour

Parking Cantina di Lagundo

The most difficult parking garage to reach by car, and also the one with the tightest slots and entrances and exits. And often fully occupied and for good reason: This is the most central parking lot of all. From here you're already in the middle of the old town of Merano in just under a minute!

Fee: 2,50 € / hour

Parking Meranarena

About 1 km from the center. Dusty because it is without asphalt. Often full of tour buses. But the cheapest parking in Merano and easy to reach if you come from the highway Merano-Bolzano. From here it is about 15 minutes walk to the center.

Fee: 1,00 € / up to 3 hours, 1,60 € over 3 hours

Parking Parkhaus Obermais

Spacious, clean and comfortable. Favorite parking of the author. Ideal to leave the car in a safe place to walk from here along the promenades to Merano. To get to the center you need about 10 minutes walk. Has always has capacity - outside and in the underground parking garage.

Fee: 2,60 € / hour

Parking Prader Square

Opposite the main train station is this large, free parking lot, easily accessible from the Merano Center exit. Not available on Fridays, as the famous Merano Friday Market always takes place here. Likewise, on Tuesdays, part of Prader Platz is closed for the small weekly market.

Fee: Free of charge

Parking Station Maia Bassa

The second free parking in Merano with great capacity! Only 500 meters from the highway, this spacious parking lot offers almost always availability. And just in front of it public transport stops to take you to the center with all the tranquility in the world!
According to a friendly note from the Merano Tourist Board, this parking lot is only available to train travelers and is closed daily at 10:30 pm

Fee: Free of charge