Already since the late 40s Merano and Tirolo are connected by a lift: The chairlift Meran- Dorf Tirol, also known as Panoramalift.
Even though this chairlift was fundamentally overhauled in the mid-80s by the owner family Götsch, which also runs the Hotel Panorama (directly at the top station), it has lost none of its charm from the earlier times. Even the logo of the chairlift, which comes from the artist Lenhart (1898-1992) and characterizes the facade of the bottom station (just a few steps away from the Merano Portici), dates back to the early days of this lift. And the feeling of stepping right into history continues when you reach the ticket office and the entrance: any friend of old, historic lifts will get wet eyes with delight at this historic but fully functional installation!


At the top station, a lift attendant again takes care of a safe exit. From here you can reach Tirolo on foot or by bus, but also the Tiroler Steig, which leads you via the Tappeiner promenade directly back to the city.

Even if you don't have anything planned in Tirolo, the inexpensive return ticket will take you briefly and silently over the roofs of Merano and reward you with a fabulous view of the city and its surroundings.In the hot summer months it is a real pleasure to escape the heat of the city for a short time with this lift, to feel the Wind in your hair on the airy chairs!


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Outward journey € 4,00
Outward and return € 5,50.-
Children outward € 1,50.-
Children outward and return € 2,50.-

Open from 1 April to 31 October, daily from 08:00 - to 18:00.
From 01.07 -15.09 open until 19:00.