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The best view of Merano! An old keep in which a modern staircase has been installed to use it as a viewing platform. A location directly above the parish church on a sublime rock. A view over the entire Burgraviate, from the valley lowlands to the highest peaks of Merano.
The Powder Tower is rightly considered one of the most popular sights of Merano! The Powder Tower of Merano owes its name to the fact that the city fathers of Merano, worried about the large stocks of gunpowder, which were stored in Merano during the 30-year war, had them stored in the keep of Ortenstein Castle. The castle was demolished, but fortunately not the gunpowder tower!
Today the tower is accessible by a staircase in its inner courtyard and its viewing platform at a height of 20 meters offers a fabulous overview of the center of Merano and the entire Burgraviate. If you look from the tower in the direction of the Passeir Gate, you will immediately recognize the very well preserved remains of the old Merano city wall.


The six kilometers are worth it. Because after the hike on the Tappeiner promenade, which winds its way from Quarazze to the Powder Tower, you will be rewarded with a view that you will not soon forget. Directly above the parish church lies the former keep of a castle. It offers the perfect platform for a vacation photo with a postcard motif. The viewing platform is open from early morning until late in the evening.

The royal 360-degree view from the Merano Powder Tower extends from the Adige Valley to the lower Vinschgau Valley, as well as to the villages of Lana, Marlengo, Lagundo, Scena. And of course directly into the old town of Merano.
You can reach the viewing platform via an internal, wide and comfortable iron staircase.



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Visit the Powder Tower in the evening hours: That's when the view of Merano is at its best!
The Powder Tower is open from early morning until late evening.
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