Knottnkino Nature Cinema

Great cinema
The film here is constantly changing: The constantly changing solar radiation, cloud and weather events constantly offer the visitor new insights and views of the Merano landscape.
In South Tyrol, "Knott" stands for rock. And the Rotsteinknott between Verano and Avelengo is such a "Knott", quite a big one in fact! Reddish shimmering, this massive porphyry rises above the surrounding area, an ode to the volcanic activity from the Permian period (about 280 million years ago). And it is on this massif, directly on the 50 meter deep precipice towards the Adige Valley, that the artist Franz Messner created a cinema, or rather, he created 30 seats made of metal and local chestnut wood and arranged them in cinema style.


The missing screen is replaced on the Knottnkino by the view of the green valley floor of the Etschtal, the opposite Laugenspitze, the Ulten Valley, but also of the Merano valley basin and the 3000-meter peaks of the Texel and Ortler groups behind it.


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From Merano it is about 25 minutes by car in the direction of Avelengo – Verano. Parking (free of charge) at Gasthof Alpenrose.
Ascent: From the Alpenrose Inn, a well-maintained and signposted footpath leads to the Knottenkino over just under 200 hm.
Depending on your condition, the ascent takes 30 - 60 minutes.