Haflinger Experience Trail

The Haflinger Experience Trail has been officially open since October 2018!
The 2 kilometer long trail leads from the village of Avelengo along the old Bürgeleweg to Santa Caterina, which is not only known for the little church of the same name, but also for the Sulfner riding stable, which is considered to be the actual breeding ground for the Haflinger horse.
The Avelengo Adventure Trail takes its course in the tranquil vacation village of Avelengo, where sufficient parking spaces are available below the parish church. Right next to the town hall begins the Bürgeleweg, which served as the Haflinger road until the new road including bridge and tunnel was built. This is a good thing, because the path is actually not used at all. This also applies to the rest of the path, which is closed to traffic throughout. The only exception is that halfway along the trail you have to cross the road to Falzeben.

From Avelengo, the path first leads downhill to the stream, where the waterfall path begins on the right, which is also an attraction for families with children and is especially popular in the hot season. Once crossed the bridge, the path leads along the rocks through a wild and romantic natural landscape.

Impressions: The Haflinger Experience Trail

12 stations accompany the trail of the Aveglin horses: Among other things you can try yourself as a farrier, hone your sensibility, moreover, to your own bodily experience, what 1 HP is in real life. Information and fun for children and adults here are in the foreground, there is no better way to learn about the Haflinger horses and their history, its strengths and its distribution in the world!
At the end of the trail is Santa Caterina, from where you can see the horses at the stables, but also the fantastic view of Merano from the little church!

The trail is suitable for baby carriages and can be walked in about 1 hour. Of course you can also walk it in the opposite direction (from Santa Caterina), which has the advantage that on the way back the slope in front of the village of Avelengo is not so difficult anymore. With children in tow the route can last much longer thanks to the many exciting stations ?

Map: The beginning of the Haflinger Experience Trail

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Conclusion: A successful adventure trail in a beautiful landscape with many exciting experiences for children. A visit here is a "must do" for families with children who spend their vacations in Merano!