From Merano to the Santa Caterina Church

The ascent begins in Merano and runs initially on the Sissi path through the magnificent Maia Alta alleys. Perfect for warming up, it passes easily by old parks and picturesque villas.
At the end of the Sissi path you reach St. Valentino, after crossing the main road you go through the vineyards of St. Valentino, with a view of the same little church uphill towards Avelengo.
From now on the path goes steadily uphill, the trail to Avelengo is well signposted. The path goes past Labers and again and again the old footpath to Avelengo appears: old large stone slabs on the flat, small round plasters on the steep, which are covered by partly slippery foliage. Grandiose the view above Labers on Merano, where large, venerable chestnut trees line the path, before the path dives into the forest.


The road to Avelengo is crossed twice on the way until you reach the last tunnel. The last 100 meters of altitude are steep and stony, but the reward for all the effort is this view of the St. Caterina church after this last climb.

Of course, you can also reach the church by car, but the joy of the climb, combined with the view of Merano and the distance traveled chase happiness hormones through the body and make the snack in the nearby Hotel Sulfner taste a lot better - guaranteed!

The return is on foot, alternatively you can use the public bus, the bus stop is located on the main road to Hafling near the driveway to the Hotel Sulfner. (approx. 5 minutes walk)


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