Snowshoeing in Val d'Ultimo

The Ulten Valley is considered a guaranteed snow region.
Thanks to its east-west orientation near the ridge of the Alps, precipitation sent by Mediterranean lows is very likely to remain here. No wonder that the Ulten Valley is considered a paradise for snowshoeing in Merano and its surroundings.
The ideal starting point is the Grubberg above St. Nikolaus in the Ulten Valley. You can leave the car at St. Moritz, from where you can reach the Schwemmalm ski area via a ski trail or climb up to the huts in the ski area via different routes through snow-covered forests.
Initially, it still goes past very well-kept, historic farms, from there there is no more progress for vehicles. The snowshoes are now the best possible means to move forward.
The end of the forest road and the transition to the hiking trail can only be guessed due to the snow depth, gently it goes through the forest landscape up to the Inner Schwemmalm Hut, one of the possible daily destinations for snowshoe hiking in the Ulten Valley. There you can enjoy fine food from the kitchen in the sun on the terrace, admire the panorama and look forward to the upcoming descent!


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