Kratzberg lake

White beach at 2200 meters
Even though this wonderful and actually little known lake is geographically located in the Sarntal valley, I count it as one of the Merano mountain lakes, it can be reached quickly and easily from Avelengo.
Kratzberg Lake is an ideal destination for those seeking peace and quiet, nature lovers and families alike. Far away from noise, traffic and any infrastructure, the lake is gently nestled northeast below the Plattenspitze in a sunny location.

The ideal starting point to Lake is the mountain station of the Merano 2000 cable car.
Starting from the mountain station, follow the wide hiking trail in the direction of Miesensteiner Joch. Passing below Mount Ivigna, after a short ascent the landscape opens up and gives a view of the "back" part of Merano 2000. After about 40 minutes of relatively gentle gradient, the path climbs again somewhat, directly below the side of the Plattenspitze facing Merano, it goes up to the Miesensteiner Joch, which marks the transition into the Sarntal. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view over Merano 2000 with the Kesselberg, the Mittager and over the Sarntal. On the photo you can see well the hiking route from the Joch towards the Kratzberger See. To the right of it the Penser Joch, below the Sarntal. The path is lined with dry grass and partly large granite blocks.


After a short, final climb, you reach Lake Pancrazio. Even though this is at an altitude of 2120 meters, immediately comes beach feeling! The north shore with its white sand and clear water almost resembles a dream beach on Sardinia, if only the water was not so cold (about 3 degrees).

As already mentioned, there are no huts here, so picnic is required. And the food from the backpack can actually only taste excellent in this grandiose environment!
The way back is via the same route, the later in the afternoon, the more beautiful the evening light! You just have to make sure that you don't miss the last valley descent of the cable car, which varies in time depending on the season.


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- The length of the route from the cable car - Merano 2000 mountain station to Lake Panrazio is about 6km.
- The cable car ticket costs € 14/adult (there & back).
- The difference in altitude is approx. 350 hm
- The route is well suited for children (also lazy walkers)
- This route from Miesensteiner Joch is NOT suitable for baby carriages.