The best cafes in Merano

Un Caffè per favore!
What do you need for the perfect coffee? First and foremost, coffee beans of the highest quality, a skilled barista who applies the right pressure to the filter depending on the weather, and a hot coffee maker. And after the coffee? Move on to the best cocktail bars in town. Enjoy the evening!
Add to that the obligatory glass of water, a newspaper hot off the press and a few friendly words with the bartender, and the coffee is ready to be enjoyed! Here you will find eight bars in Merano, which could not be more different and are partly off the beaten track. But they are loved and visited all the more by the locals.

Café Villa Bux

Via Karl Wolf
villa bux 01863 864x576 1
Only a few steps away from the Vinschger Gate you will find the Kaffe Villa Bux. The bar takes up the entire ground floor of a small, old villa, in addition to a spacious garden area with wide sun umbrellas. As soon as you enter, you realize that the clocks tick a little slower here. The tasteful furnishings of old furniture with many Biedermeier elements in combination with the smell of coffee conveys a very relaxed atmosphere, whose rustic coziness is immediately transferred to the visitor. Suitable for a romantic coffee visit for two or for visitors who have the time to help themselves to the very generously equipped newspaper shelf and then settle down on a comfortable armchair.

Bar Maya

Piaza Fontana
kaffe maya 00915 1
Centrally located on Piazza Fontana in Maia Alta in the old post office building, the Bar Maya has been a popular meeting place here for over thirty years. For the same length of time, the boss Luis, friendly and rarely at a loss for a joke, has been running the bar with his family. Recently, the bar was expanded and completely redesigned by adding the adjacent, former fruit store and, in addition to its perfect (and very short!) coffees, it offers a bright, modern and friendly ambience. In addition, the very courteous and perfect service from the two young, very nice ladies behind the counter!

Caffè Wandelhalle

kaffe wandelhalle 01761 1
Very small coffee house, but with a large outdoor area, which has it in itself! Alternatively, you can take a seat directly in the time-honored Wandelhalle in Art Nouveau under the old pictures of the most beautiful South Tyrolean villages or, also directly with one of the small tables directly on the banks of the Passer make do.

Caffe Central

Via Cassa di Risparmio
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As its name suggests, you will find the Cafe Central in the middle of the old town, between Freiheitsstrasse and Lauben, directly on the busy Sparkassen Strasse. For 20 years, Sammy, who is always in a good mood and an institution among coffee lovers in Merano, provides your guests with perfect coffees, ice cream and fresh juices, which you can best enjoy at the tables outside, in the middle of the pedestrian zone.

Cafè Kunsthaus

Via Cassa di Risparmio
caffe kunsthaus 00376 1024x683 1
Sarah, the new boss, unmistakable with her pink hair, has breathed new life into the Caffé Kunsthaus after the recent takeover - and how! New furniture, freshly remodeled kitchen and a lot of momentum now prevails where it was far too quiet for too long. The Caffé Kunsthaus is somewhat hidden on Via Cassa di Risparmio, but is nevertheless (and fortunately!) thanks to its many tables directly on the wide Via Cassa di Risparmio not to be overlooked. A small lounge area is available for cozy aperitivi, in addition to excellent coffees and brioches, a small kitchen with trendy dishes at lunchtime and in the evening ensures that no one has to go home hungry.
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