Electric Promenade Marlengo

Tribute to technology and nature
The area around Merano looks back on more than 100 years of history in electricity production. The power plant on the Tel was built in 1898 according to the plans of the Munich engineer Oskar von Miller, followed by the power plant in Marlengo, directly on the Adige River, in 1925.
This was followed immediately by the power plant in Naturno. All these hydroelectric power plants draw their power from the waters of the Adige River, which were partly diverted and fed to their gradients via tunnels, at the end of which the turbines converted their power into electricity.
The economic and tourist development of Merano is closely linked to the production of energy, which even in 2014 is still under the control of the local public administration and therefore benefits the population.
Therefore it was obvious to pay tribute to this successful history and the result is impressive: The Marlinger Strompromenade was opened on April 09, 2014.


For technology enthusiasts and landscape lovers
Once history and back: The Electric Promenade Marlengo was designed as a circular walk of 3 km, which can be completed on foot in about 1h.
It leads through the municipal area of Marlengo and offers insights into old farms, historic hotels, includes a detour to the Marlengo Waa path and offers a lush view of the spa town of Merano.
The circular trail begins in the village center, near Traubenwirt by an advertising pillar, and leads north. Exhibits from the time of electricity production have been installed at 14 stations, where you can find detailed and easy-to-understand explanations and stories on the information boards.

The exhibits include showcases with different types of cables, old street lamps, a section of a penstock and a water nozzle. One learns what a line disconnector is, the function of a catch basin is explained, but the most magnificent piece is the turbine blade, which is located near the Marlingo train station.


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