Flower paradise in Merano - The Fleur Center

At Via Speckacher 34, practically halfway between the train station and the center of Merano, you will find a special flower store - the Fleur Center - in a beautiful late 19th century building.
Immediately after entering, you notice that the clocks here tick a little differently, somehow slower and more leisurely. As soon as the door closes after entering the store, you feel transported to another world: a small fountain gurgles, birds chirp, warm subdued light and a wonderful smell, exuded by hundreds of flowers and plants from all corners of the world, suddenly settle on your mind like a warm, pleasant blanket. The hustle and bustle of the traffic immediately falls away, and your gaze glides all the more relaxed over an unmanageable variety of fresh cut flowers, potted plants and decorative items.

Behind the counter, Stefan Gutwenger is working with scissors, wire and crepe paper on a bundle. The friendly, quiet and extremely reserved manner of the 49-year-old owner is deceptive: no sooner has he asked about his customers' wishes than he lets it rip: silently and highly concentrated, unique bouquets are created in the shortest possible time with everything that the region offers at the respective time of year, combined with fresh, sometimes exotic flowers from all corners of the world.
This will also be the reason that Stefan's flower store is so well known and popular. A bouquet of flowers from his hands is guaranteed to trigger in the recipient what the bearer had in mind!
Stefan is originally from San Candido, the easternmost (and coldest) tip of South Tyrol, where he began learning the profession of floristry 34 years ago. "Flowers have always been and still are my passion," he says with a wink, as if winking, he also states that it was love that brought him to Merano in 2002, where he soon found work at Fleur Center, becoming the owner of the business within a few years. But it's not just personal reasons that keep him in Merano, it's the Mediterranean climate and the unique region that continually fascinates him.

What immediately catches the eye here: In addition to the already mentioned variety of flowers and plants, you will find here a fine selection of decorative objects, perfectly matched to plants or other decorative pieces, arranged on antique furniture and shelves.

Map: Fleur Center

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Via Josef Speckbacher , 34
39012 Merano
Telefono: 0473 448391
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