From a private, personal blog / magazine based on WP, this unique web presence to Merano and surroundings was created in winter 2018.
For this project, the best minds from Merano and the surrounding area have collaborated in the areas of concept, graphics and programming. Contrary to popular belief that good minds are found exclusively abroad, top competence in the areas of creativity and programming can also be found in Merano!

The new logo, design and layout come from the pen of Barbara Tischler from the creative agency Peppis - from Merano! In the layout of this page is not only your fantastic creative talent, but also much of your passion for your hometown Merano!
All Visitmeran content is imported into a database via a CMS - and must also be read out again correctly. This would not be possible without the experience and excellent programming skills of Ulli Pircher from Kuens near Merano from the coders of tamisch KG. And if there are any problems between front- and backend, she solves all problems by passing by! Bugfixes at midnight? Don't make Ulli nervous either!
Visitmerano has already been around for about 4 years. And for four years already, Christof Fauster from the creative agency Peppis has had to face our questions about concept and UX again and again. Much of the concept of VisitMeran carries his DNA. The claim "Kurort for curios people"? Originates from him.
Arnold Kuntner from Sulden loves skiing down lonely powder slopes. And he prefers to hang out with an ice axe at icy waterfalls. But when the webmaster of sits at his computer, things really get going! VisitMeran owes him, for example, a 98/100 loading time, an orphaned error log and a spotlessly clean code.
All photos and videos, if not explicitly marked, come from the person responsible for this website. These media are protected by copyright. Should photos be taken and reused without written permission, this will be legally prosecuted.
Responsible for this website is:
Martin Drahorad
Via delle Palade 99 L
39012 Merano (BZ)
Partita IVA IT03073170213
Telefono: +39 366 4101142
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