The hillsides above Merano
In the 3rd season you can best enjoy the warm sun and the colorful play of autumn colors here! The hill of St. Valentin and Rametz Castle with their sprawling vineyards form the transition to the district of Labers above Obermais. Orchards and vineyards now dominate the area, which extends to the timberline.
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Several hiking and walking trails cross this area, leading from the Naif Valley to high above Sinigo (south of Merano): The Merano Waal Path Roound runs here in the direction of Scena, the hidden Ida Weg takes you to the vineyards above Trauttmansdorff Castle, while the steep Wanderweg Nr. 2 leads straight to Avelengo.
Labers is home to several rural inns, which can be reached on foot, but also easily by car. They offer traditional food from the kitchen and cellar, large sunny terraces and a great view of Merano and its surroundings.
Recommended accommodations