Lagundo Waal Path

The Waal path for connoisseurs? Whether this is due to the fine restaurants and refreshment stops at the beginning, middle and end of the Waal path or to its course, which leads through the very best vineyards, is up to you.
The Lagundo Waal path is a pleasure in any case, also thanks to its gentle course through the Mediterranean slopes of Merano. The Lagundo Waal path leads almost level from the Tell to Quarauue above Lagundo. The ALagundo Waal path catches its water at the Tell, just opposite the place where the Marlengo Waal path picks up its water and takes its course.

The water itself comes from the Spronser lakes and must first rush down 2000 meters of altitude to land in the Waal. Already in 1333 the Waal path was mentioned in a document, today it still fulfills its function as it did then: to supply the fertile and sunny, but dry vineyards above Lagundo with water! Ideally, your walk along the Lagundo Waal path begins in Plars, from here you walk under the leafy canopies of the old vines along the water towards Merano.


A romantic middle section of the Lagundo Waal path winds through a mixed forest, which is contrasted by large rocks. As if from nowhere, the chairs of the Algund-Vellau chairlift suddenly float silently above your heads and the quiet rest areas with a beautiful view invite you to sit back and relax. The total length of the Lagundo Waal path is just under 6 km. You can visit this Waal path in every season. And every season has its charm here: in spring, the awakening of nature is accompanied by flowering grape hyacinths, crocuses and the lush green shoots of the vines.
In summer, the foliage of the vines and the mixed forest in the central part provide pleasant shade. In autumn you can experience the grape harvest directly and enjoy the colorful spectacle of autumn colors - in pleasantly warm temperatures and in the immediate vicinity of the garden village Lagundo.


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There are several restaurants where you can stop for a bite to eat. Particularly worth mentioning is the "Leiter Am Waal" in Mitterplars with its excellent cuisine.