9 shots that testify to Merano's return to normality

It was about time! With the 3 June 2020 the Italian borders open and thus herald the tourist Post COVID-19 age 2020. Most European countries allow the exit to Italy, so there is actually almost nothing standing in the way of a vacation in Merano.
Almost- because apart from a few exceptions, most hotels in Merano will not open until mid-June 2020. In this post you will find some fresh arguments and shots that prove irrevocably that life has returned to Merano!

Terme Merano and botanical gardens

therme after covid
Terme Merano is already open again since May 25, 2020. Currently usable are the magnificent thermal park with its outdoor pools open, as well as the "MySpa", the bistro and the fitness center.
With the end of May, the gardens of Trauttmannsdorff Castle have also reopened their doors, until mid-October you can visit the gardens from 9:00 - 19:00.

Tappeiner Promenade

tappeinerweg after covid2
The famous Tappeiner Promenade was closed on March 13. To tell the truth, it should be pointed out that the most beautiful section, the one between the Pulverturm and the steps behind the parish church of the Saxifraga restaurant, was already closed because during the winter construction work for the installation of the recovery and lighting system was underway. Now the promenade is finally open and again freely accessible from Pulverturm to Quarazze, despite some minor construction works that do not affect the passage.

Merano Portici

lauben after covid2
Here life has already returned with the end of the total lockout. While initially it was only the few grocery stores that moved a few people under the Merano arcades, it is now all the other stores, especially the shoe and clothing stores, which are now attracting many locals again.

The Merano Promenades

promeande after covid2
Now you can stroll again! The park benches, which remained unoccupied for so long, can also be used again by the many sun worshippers. Early summer warm temperatures attract around this June 1, 2020 again many visitors to the banks of the Passer with its promenades with its magnificent Mediterranean flora. The cool meltwater in the riverbed with its lively murmur provides the soundtrack for wonderful walks, which with an ice cream in hand become a pure pleasure walk.


wandelhalle after covid2
Here, too, life has returned. On the terrace of the Caffè Wandelhalle coffee`s and aperitivi are served again, the Wandelhalle itself was professionally restored in recent months and presents itself like from the egg peeled. Appropriately, the roses on the building are in full bloom!

Traffic is picking up again.

busse after covid2
... and the city buses are (slightly) late again. This is absolutely not to criticize the public transport in Merano, which works very efficiently and transports both us citizens, but also our guests with clean and modern means to the satisfaction of all. These slight delays, however, testify to the fact that traffic is increasing again also in the city - another good sign that normality is returning, even if one already wonders about oneself when one wonders about traffic!

Merano 2000

ivigna merano 2000
With Saturday, May 30, the cable car Merano 2000 is back in operation, the attractions Alpine Bob, via ferrata Heini Holzer, Outdoor Kids Camp and petting zoo are also accessible again. From mid-June, the Falzeben cable car will also be back in service.

Because the eye eats too

prendi e vai after covid2
The certainly most popular "Pizza to Go" store under the Merano Portici, "Prendi e Vai" had already reopened in mid-May, but was not allowed to display its delicate slices of pizza, for this were attached cards. This has now also changed, and since recently the sight of the delicate pizzas again makes the mouth water for anyone who dares to look into the store.

The beggar from the thermal bridge is back

bettler after covid2
Another sign that normality is returning: the beggar who has been doing his daily work for years on the thermal bridge, but also on the spa promenade, is back. Fortunately, Merano no longer has a problem with aggressive beggars as it did a few years ago, so this gentleman is as much a part of the cityscape as a few other ladies and gentlemen of his trade. It should be remembered that, according to the Merano citizen, "asking for alms is part of European cultural history",
N.b. For this photo, by the way, the gentleman in the picture received five euros from the author of these lines.
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