The painter Elfi Widmoser

It feels a bit like visiting grandmother when you enter the studio of Elfi Widmoser in Maia Alta /Merano. The artist (born in 1930) gives a friendly and reserved look to anyone who enters to view her works.
The occasions to see her paintings "live" unfortunately become rare, in recent years this was only possible on two weekends during Advent.

All the more I prefer to start a tour of the studio. Cautiously I walk over the creaking wooden floor and enjoy the peace that lies in these three old rooms. They are located on the first floor of your birthplace in Maia Alta, directly on the Sissi Path. In the past, the rooms housed your father's carpentry store, as can be seen from some of the utensils that are still there. In the early post-war period, a grocery store supplied the residents with the bare essentials.
Through the south-facing windows I can catch a glimpse of a small but densely planted flower garden, which is immortalized in many pictures on the walls.
Not only on the walls, but also on the floor, in every corner and on every window ledge, watercolors and oil paintings of all sizes, maps, batiks and etchings are lovingly distributed. The motifs: mainly views of South Tyrolean landscapes, still lifes, etchings and views of Greek islands and the island of Elba. And again and again Merano. A true explosion of color hits the viewer, in the pictures of Elfi Widmoser it flashes and cracks with color and joie de vivre!
Elfi Widmoser received her first artistic training from the painter and teacher Anni Egösi from 1945 to 1949, who recognized and encouraged the talent of the young artist. And it was precisely this talent that enabled her to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich at the first attempt.

Immediately after her academic training in Munich, back in Merano, she organized her first exhibitions in the Domenican Gallery in Bolzano and in the Merano Kurhaus, the latter being "a complete success", as the painter recounts. Since then she is one of the most valued painters in South Tyrol, her fine, quiet manner and your skills she also provided for decades as a leader of art and painting courses of the South Tyrolean Artists Association to promote young talents.

Addendum February 2021

Mrs. Elfi Widmoser passed away on 29.01.2021 at the age of 90 :-(
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