8 things you should do in Merano in January & February!

The months of January and February are traditionally among the quietest months of the year in the city after the end of the Christmas season and the closing of Merano's Christmas markets.
But Merano is always beautiful and worth seeing! There are also in this time many opportunities to relax, to stroll, especially there is quite a bit to experience in the winter environment! These are the top 9 things you should do in Merano in January & February!

The most important things to do in Merano in January and February


Skiing, tobogganing and snow hiking in Merano 2000

Merano 2000
merano 2000 inverno
Only 7 minutes takes a ride with the ultra-modern cable car to the ski and hiking area Merano 2000! And the valley station, with a large free parking lot, can also be reached in a few minutes by car or bus. Once at the top station at 1900 meters above sea level, 40 kilometers of slopes, a toboggan run and numerous winter hikes to the ski huts are open to you. In the last two years the ski area has been modernized. The Wallpach chairlift was replaced with a modern (fast) chairlift, and a new storage basin ensures snow reliability. Since December 2022, the connection to the important rear part of the ski area has also (finally) been improved. The slow chairlift has now given way to a modern gondola lift with a new middle station. Thus, the ski area Merano 2000 in 2022 also appeals to more and more demanding skiers.

Visit the open museums

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Despite the winter season, some museums in Merano keep open:

Merano Women's Museum
The permanent exhibition "From women about women for all" shows the eventful European women's history from the 19th century until today with fashion, accessories and everyday objects. Topics such as beauty ideals, gender roles, care and work are presented. There is also a tribute to six women with different professions and vocations from the past and present. A photo exhibition from Jan. 30 to March 12, 2023, shows projects and photos of girls and young women in the Diavata refugee camp near Thessaloniki, taught by a photographer. A special exhibition "Female Chamber of Wonders" shows curiosities from the collection from January to April 2023.

Kunst Merano Arte
The exhibition "TURNING PAIN INTO POWER" (until Jan. 29, 2023) deals with social, political and societal injustices and shows artistic strategies that counter them. Topics such as racism, gender-based violence and discrimination are addressed. The exhibition begins with the statement "I won't shut up" and shows works by artists such as Cana Bilir-Meier, Monica Bonvicini, Rosalyn D'Mello, Regina José Galindo, Silvia Giambrone, Philipp Gufler, Giulia Iacolutti, Paulo Nazareth, Dan Perjovschi, Adrian Piper, Puppies Puppies, Sven Sachsalber and Giuseppe Stampone.

Relax at the Merano Thermal Baths

Terme Merano
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A visit to Terme Merano offers a special experience during the months of January and February. Thanks to the tourist low season, the pools and saunas are not overcrowded and there are always plenty of free loungers available. It is particularly impressive to exit the indoor pools through the sluices into the comfortably warm outdoor pools, from which you have a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Terme Merano to the fullest.

Walk the winter promenade

passeggiata passirio merano
It is not for nothing that the magnificent winter promenade bears this name! North of the Passer river, the sun shines here longer than on the other promenades, ideal for a refreshing walk among evergreen Mediterranean plants. If you are looking for more exercise: the winter promenade leads you directly to the Tappeinerweg, the famous course walk, which leads over the roofs of Merano to Lagundo.

Take a stroll through the Merano arcades

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The historic shopping street of Merano looks back on 700 years of history, which can be felt at every corner under the Merano arcades. Gothic arches, baroque oriels and mysterious passageways provide the perfect ambience for the numerous modern and traditional stores on both sides of the cobbled street, which functions as a pedestrian zone during the day. From January 6, 2020, the sales begin in the stores of the Merano Portici, attracting numerous bargain hunters.

Visit to the winery Rametz Castle

Castel Rametz in Autuno 1
A visit to Rametz Castle is worthwhile for several reasons: On the one hand, there are excellent wines from its own production to taste and purchase, on the other hand, there is a small wine museum with historical artifacts from viticulture to visit. In addition, this magnificent castle is located in Labers, the most beautiful wine-growing area that Merano has to offer!

Have an aperitif on Piazza Terme

aperitivo merano 1
Firstly, there is always a reason to have an aperitivo, even if there is not an immediate meal. Secondly, an aperitivo in the open air is always the most beautiful! On the wide central square of the spa there are 2 places equipped with cozy blankets and heaters to make your aperitif as pleasant as possible even in the cold season under the sun.

Visit the Alte Muehle bookshop

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It will be really pleasant if you take some time to visit this very cozy bookstore in the Sparkassenstraße! A wide assortment, which also includes a department for antiquarian books, many quiet reading corners and very friendly staff make the time fly by while reading and browsing!
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