Finally the time has come, since May 16, 2021 the borders are open again for vacationers, the quarantine obligation is lifted on all sides in the Schengen area- now you can travel to Merano without any difficulties to spend with us the most beautiful days of the year!

Entering South Tyrol / Italy

You must be in possession of a negative test result (PCR or antigen test) when entering Italy. This must not be older than 48 hours. Even a vaccination or a convalescence certificate does not exempt you from this obligation. Before starting your journey or vacation in South Tyrol, you must register online using the European Digital Passenger Localization Form (dPLF). If you are checked by the authorities when entering Italy, the confirmation email on your smartphone or in paper form is sufficient proof.

Check in at the hote

You must be able to present a negative test result, proof of complete vaccination or proof of recovery when you check in at the hotel. A simple nostril test, which you can do in any South Tyrolean pharmacy or in one of the available test centers in Merano, is also sufficient for this purpose. If you do not have the proof at the check-in, you can submit it within 24 hours.

What happens if he test expires on vacation?

Unless you intend to enter the Corona Pass areas (interiors of restaurants, museums, public swimming pools, cable cars, public transport) etc..., you are not obliged to repeat the test. No new test is required for the continued use of the hotel's services and its benefits.

How do you get the South Tyrolean Corona Pass?

The South Tyrolean Corona Pass opens you the doors to the Corona Pass areas (interiors of restaurants, museums, public swimming pools, cable cars, public transport). You get it when you get tested at the official test centers and pharmacies in and around Merano as part of the "We test" campaign. The test is free of charge.

Return from Merano to your home country

When returning from South Tyrol, you must always comply with the entry regulations applicable in your country for a return trip from Italy. E.g; when returning from Italy to Germany, you must report a convalescent, vaccination or test certificate within 48 hours of your return via an appropriate entry portal.
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