House and garden opening of Villa San Marco

A little break from the hustle and bustle of Merano's old town? In April and May, Villa San Marco offers a real (and rare) opportunity to do so!
Villa San Marco is a magnificent building with a fantastic garden from the late 19th century and is situated in a prime location in Merano, a few steps from the city center. The villa looks back on an eventful history: built in 1885 as the "Swallow Villa" by Rosa Lohner, the widow of the Viennese driving and aircraft manufacturer Jacob Lohner, it experienced several changes of ownership until it was taken over by the Italian state during the fascist era. Since 1993, it has been home to the Academy of German-Italian Studies, which is dedicated to promoting cultural and scientific exchange between the German-speaking and Italian-speaking regions.
As well-maintained as the villa and the garden present themselves to every passer-by, one is tempted to think that this magnificent property is in a deep slumber. But the opposite is the case, especially from April 1-17, as well as from May 6-31, 2019: when the entire estate opens to its interested visitors.
With free admission you can visit an exhibition on the history of Villa San Marco as well as a traveling exhibition, which vividly thematizes the First World War from the perspective of a Merano war participant.

The garden

But the absolute highlight of a visit to Villa San Marco in Merano is the garden: In the park, which is over 100 years old, there is a manageable number of sun loungers and park benches where you can sit down comfortably. Enjoy the peace and quiet, the cool shade of the trees and feel like a villa owner in Merano, at least for a short time! The best way to do this is to first grab a book from the specially arranged Book Crossing shelf!


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Villa San Marco is open to visitors April 1-17, and May 6-31, 2019.
Monday to Friday, 09:30 to 12:30
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