The Brandis Waal Path

This pleasant Water Path runs about 80 meters above the valley floor from Lana di Sopra to Lana di Sotto and crosses orchards, mixed forests and ends at the Brandis waterfall.
Even though the actual Waal, the watercourse that was carved into the rock here in 1835, now runs in a pipe below the path, the Brandis Waal path is worth a visit at any time of year due to its exposed location and its versatility - even in the depths of winter, as the photos taken in January 2018 prove.

Impressions: The Brandis Waal path

The Brandis Water Trail starts right at the point where the road begins to climb towards the Passo Palade in Lana. Here you will find the P4 parking lot, which is free of charge on weekends and holidays. From there, follow the road for about 300 meters on the sidewalk in the direction of Foiana until the water path branches off to the left. From here you can stroll leisurely south through orchards and chestnut groves.

The course of the path always remains flat, but what changes constantly is the immediate surroundings, as well as the view of Lana and the Adige Valley.

At the end of the Brandis Waalweg there is a special "treat": past the Waalrast inn, a short climb leads up to the Brandis waterfall, which roars down an otherwise quiet, green gorge.


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The entire path from the parking lot P4 to the waterfall is exactly 3 km, which can be easily conquered in 35-40 minutes. The parking lot can be reached from Merano in about 12 minutes by car.