Maiser Waal Path

Starting from Merano, it is 8.5 kilometers that stretch through a continuously changing landscape.
You can walk the entire Waalweg to Saltusio in the Passeier Valley, and from there take the bus back to Merano.

The Maiser Waalweg offers 8.5 km of enjoyment on a wide variety of terrain. From the Passeier Valley through forest and fruit-growing areas in the middle of the noble villa district of Maia Alta, it can be walked in all seasons. And this is exactly what makes this Waalweg so interesting: at any time of the year you will discover interesting things while walking along it.


The Maiser Waal Path catches its water in Saltusio in the Passeier Valley, 8.5 km away, where it leads through mixed forest and orchards. If you think that the path ends here in the Haslerstrasse, you are mistaken: through a small grid it continues behind the Planta Castle and you reach the Valentins street here.


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