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Monte Lucco

Summit tour on the Monte Lucco Peak
Varied summit tour in the Lower Burggraviate amidst a rapidly changing landscape.
The best way to reach Monte Lucco is by car (35 min. from Merano) via Lana to the Via Palade Pass. There you will find free parking. Here you can decide whether you want to climb up via the Laugen Alm or the Gfrillner Laugenalm. Both variants lead to the Laugensee, from there it continues, either to the small or to the large Laugenspitze.

This tour can be done all year round - provided you have the right equipment - but is certainly most rewarding in the warmer months.
We choose the variant via the Gfrillner Laugenaln to the small Laugenspitze.
From the Passo Palade, it goes for about 10 minutes on the road back towards Merano until the forest road leads away to the left.
Following this, it initially goes comfortably through the forest, but then our awe of tractors and their drivers increases, we have never seen such a steep forest road. After the last steep piece on the forest road we reach the Gfrillner Laugenalm, which is managed in the summer months by a very friendly shepherd. Quickly a cool beer for refreshment and continue with a moderate slope over the alpine pastures until we come to a narrow and stony hiking trail.


This now leads through the valley between the two Laugen peaks up to the Laugensee lake. The entire trail is lined with huge boulders that cover the imposing gravel cirque. Away from the trail, the terrain is so inhospitable that it is paradise for chamois and ibex, which we can spot in large numbers.

The landscape changes abruptly when you cross the saddle and leave the valley behind: Gently embedded in a grassy landscape lies here the Laugensee lake, to its left the small, to its right the large Laugen peak.
We decide for the small Laugen peak, which can be reached in a few minutes (about 100 vertical meters above the Laugen lake). During a short picnic near the summit cross we enjoy the fantastic view of Merano and its surroundings.



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