New traffic rules in Merano

The local government of Merano does not make it easy for motorists:
Since the end of October, a new speed limit of 40 km/h has been introduced on all through roads that were previously allowed to be driven at 50 km/h.
The only exception is the 1 km long Gampenstrasse, which runs along the horse racing course from Untermais to the Untermais train station. There, 50 km/h is still allowed, but this limit is strictly controlled by two fixed Speedcheck boxes.

But it gets even worse:
In addition, three new 30 km/h zones have been introduced:
Along Goethestraße between the city center and the hospital
in Piavestraße between Thermentunnel and the intersection with Petrarcastraße on the axis Mazziniplatz-Rätiastraße-Petrarcastraße-Romstraße up to the Postbrücke bridge.
The new limits are constantly controlled by Speedchek boxes, which constantly change their position.  For example, in Romstrasse in January on a single day over 100 cars were flashed, which were traveling above the 30 km/h, even public transport such as city buses were affected!

The fines are considerable: If you were speeding between zero and ten km/h per hour, 41 Euros are due. Between 10 and 40 km/h above the permitted speed, it becomes 169 euros. From 40 km/h above that, it's 532 euros. With 60 km/h over it becomes with 829 euro even very expensive!

So be on the lookout, if you are traveling by car in Merano, use as early as possible one of the many parking spaces in Merano and explore the city from there on foot!
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