Plonerhof Winery

Modern winery in old wine growing area
Erhard Tutzer is a calm, level-headed man who chooses his words carefully. However, a chance meeting with an acquaintance in 2003, in which he learned on the sidelines of the conversation that a fruit farm in a prime location in Marling is for sale, has turned his life upside down.
Today, Erhard Tutzer, who has already earned an excellent reputation as a vine nurseryman, sits in the simple but modern tasting room of that very farm in Marlengo and tells of the purchase of the farm (love at first sight) and the radical conversion from fruit to wine growing. He also remembers pitying and sneering comments of those who could not understand how it is possible to switch only from apple to wine growing.


He talks about months of earthmoving work, new dry stone walls and the special orientation of his trellises: these are aligned horizontally, in the fall line between the Monte Tramontana and the valley floor. This allows the thermals to rise unhindered through the vineyard during the day, while here at night, in reverse, the cool air of the mountain can sweep past the precious grapes into the valley. This cultivation technique has made it possible to reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides to zero, and the wine of the Plonerhof is thus made as close to nature as possible, without schedules and chemical inputs.

Every grape that grows here is cultivated and vinified in the farm's own cellar. And you should have seen this cellar! The best way to do this is every Thursday from 16:00, where the boss personally leads through the vineyards, the cellars and of course through the wine tasting, during which he also gladly gives some secrets of winemaking and many other (wine) stories to the best.


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Plonerhof Winery
Via Tramontana, 29
39020 Marlengo (BZ)
Tel: +39 0473 490525

Wine tasting and sale: Monday- Friday from 08- 12 and from 16, Saturday from 9-12.
On the Via Tramontana, which connects the village center of Marlengo with the fraction Forst near Algund, you will find the signposted entrance to the Plonerhof on the uphill side.
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