The Signorvino

Since Christmas 2015 there is finally also a branch of Signorvino in Merano!
The Signorvino Wine House, present throughout Italy, comes from an idea of the Italian industrialist Sandro Veronesi, founder and president of the Calzedonia Group. Here are stored 1500 Italian wine labels: To buy, but also for immediate consumption, accompanied by a simple but tasty Italian cuisine.

Before you can settle down at Signorvino in Merano, you have to find it: In the upper Portici you have to find the narrow, somewhat hidden passage that leads to an old courtyard with worn stairs on the left. Here there are already some small tables, which are very popular especially in summer, no wonder, the old walls keep the summer heat away here!


The spacious interior, just behind it is furnished with simple tables, the shelves on the walls bend under the weight of thousands of wine bottles. At the end of the interior is a romantic little garden, also with small tables and comfortable armchairs.

A small menu of specialties from differnent Italian regions, accompanied by wines from each region is served by young, friendly waiters.

In short, a place that is absolutely worth a visit, if only because a journey through the wines and specialties from all over Italy awaits you here!


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Hot cuisine from from 12:00 to to 23:00
The Signorvino in Merano is open daily from 10:30 to 24:00.
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