Cantina Von Braunbach

If the Bishop of Trento had known in the 12th century what fine wines would one day come out of the cellars of his estate in Settequerce.... He would certainly not have bequeathed it to the Teutonic Order!
Its fathers still reside in the time-honored walls of the monastery, and the adjoining chapel is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies.

In conversation with Hannes Kleon, however, one immediately recognizes that his great passion is his sparkling wine.
The Brut Von Braunbach is made from the best Chardonnay and Weissburgunder grapes and aged on fine yeast for 36 long months. Hundreds of bottles are shaken by hand every day during the aging process to keep the yeast happy, but the connoisseur gets a fresh, youthful, stimulating sparkling wine in the glass!


And the most beautiful in the glass it comes directly on site, in the in-house vinotheque. The special thing about this is on the one hand that here the cellar master personally serves his wines and explains them with patience and passion. On the other hand, it is the magnificent courtyard in front of the cellar door, where you can spend happy hours with fine wines and fresh sparkling wine under old walnut trees, with the sun on your face and the warm stone wall behind you.


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Cantina von Braunbach
Via Padre Romedius 5
Terlan/ BZ
Phone: 0471 910184

How to get there
From Merano it takes about 25 minutes by car to Settequercie. Right in the center, behind the underpass, there is a small road, where you follow the sign to the Braunbach Winery.

Opening hours
Mondays - Fridays from 9 am to 12 am and from 3 pm.
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