Flea market Merano

Rummage & More
For sure the flea market with the most beautiful scenery far and wide!
On the winter promenade, in the shadow of the Wandelhalle you can always on the last Saturday of the month to your heart's content between old junk and works of art, but real antiques rummage. Always on the last Saturday of the month from 08:00 to about 13:00.

This occupies the entire length of the Wandelhalle and extends even further to the Iron Bridge. A colorful mix of professional flea market sellers and private individuals who have cleared out their basements and attics offer their wares for sale on their improvised stalls.


To the already cozy atmosphere of any flea market in Merano, the picturesque setting of the Wandelhalle on one side, the rushing Passer on the other side of the booths once again contribute your remaining to make a short trip to Merano flea market something special.

On the back side of the Wandelhalle you will find some artists and art dealers who exhibit their works here and offer them for sale.


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Take the time to have a coffee on the small tables of the Caffè Wandelhalle. Here you can best observe the hustle and bustle of the flea market!

Open always on the last Saturday of the month, from 08: 00 to 13:00
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