Merano Friday Market

A stroll through the largest and most popular market in the region is possible every Friday - and is actually part of the mandatory program during a stay in Merano!
You will be amazed not only by the size of this traditional market and the relaxed atmosphere that prevails here, but also by the huge number of different offers and products that you can buy here (even after some haggling).

A wide assortment promises fun while strolling. On Piazza Prader fresh food such as bread, fruit and vegetables and fish are offered on sparkling clean stalls, in addition to a lot of regional specialties such as bacon or cheese, some of which are offered directly by the producers themselves, often farmers.


The large Merano Friday market is a magnet for visitors from the entire Burgraviate because of its diverse offerings. Every Friday morning, traders from all over northern Italy set up their market stalls, elegant Merano housewives meet here for a chat, bargain hunters from all over the world gather here! As chaotic as markets can often be, here everything takes place under the watchful eye of the Merano city police, who ensure that the market runs smoothly. In the warm season, during the high season, it can get very crowded here, the Friday market is one of the most popular destinations in the region and is usually combined with a leisurely stroll through the old town of Merano.

Who moves from here towards the city center, finds over the entire length of the Friday market Merano an immense abundance of stands with costume jewelry, shoes, traditional costumes and sportswear, to which of course the usual market stalls with accessories, costume jewelry, household items, as well as leather goods (handbags, jackets, etc..).
Depending on the season, other stalls are added to the Friday market in Merano, such as in spring, when dozens of stalls with flowers, plants, seedlings and seeds compete for the favor of customers.


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If you have to leave at the weekend, a visit to the Friday market with a final stroll through the city is a crowning conclusion to your vacation in Merano.

Opening hours
Every Friday from 08:00 to 13:00.
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