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Kesselberg Hut

At the border between Merano 2000 and Val Sarentino

The Kesselberghütte is currently closed!
Status: Autumn 2023

The ruins of the old mountain station of the Ankerlift still bear witness here to the agonizingly long drag lift rides in winter; today a comfortable chairlift brings those skiers here, who from the terrace of the Kesselberg Hut can overlook both the entire skiing and hiking area, but also have a view of the Sarntal valley behind them.
In winter, the wide slopes of the Kesselberg offer some of the most beautiful slopes of Merano 2000, while in summer the ascent over the ridge from the Miesensteiner Joch offers a scenically fabulous environment all the way up to the green and sunny terrace of the hut.


The Kesselberg hut can be reached in winter thanks to the ski lift of the same name. In summer, this is only possible on foot or by bike. For both seasons, it is true that to reach it is (often) only something for the hardy: if you want to enjoy the view from the huge terrace in summer, this can only happen if you have first crossed on foot the entire hiking area of Merano 2000 from Avelengo or the valley station of the cable car. And since almost the entire hiking area of Merano 2000 is above the tree line, you can get very warm here!


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From Merano it is about 5 minutes by car to the valley station of the cable car Merano 2000. From there take the cable car up to the ski and hiking area. From there you need about 1.5- 2h on foot to the hut.

The Kesselberg Hut is accessible all year round, in the hiking and ski season always open.