The most beautiful alpine pastures & huts in Merano

On foot to the pleasure
It was a lengthy climb through the fabulous Merano mountain landscape, it was steep and sweaty in parts, the pulse reached unaccustomed heights and the lungs wheezed.
Even if the last meters of altitude were as hard and tough, you have made it: You have arrived at one of the following alpine pastures and huts in Merano and deservedly enjoy typical South Tyrolean alpine dishes, a fine outdoor seating area, have a fabulous view of the surroundings and feel a deep sense of satisfaction about the ascent you have just made. Pleasure that you have to work for - Here you will find the most beautiful alpine pastures and huts around Merano.

The best 7 huts and refuges according to VisitMerano


Malga Wurzer

wurzer alm aerial
The Wurzer Alm is not a very easy destination to reach, you can only reach it on foot as part of a beautiful hike from Hafling (about 1, 5 hours). But the effort is worth it! A unique location on a sunny plateau, many different animals to look at and pet await you, above all you can look forward to culinary specialties, which Host Ulli conjures up in her small kitchen on the plates!

The Kuhleiten hut

Merano 2000
kuhleitenhutte plattenspitze 1024x575
For a place in the sun on the terrace of the Kuhleitenhütte you have to make an effort! In order to enjoy the best view of Merano 2000, the Salten, Merano and the surrounding area from here, you need to climb at least 500 meters in altitude from the top station of the Merano 2000 cable car. However, from here it is not far to the small and large Ifinger peak, the latter requires some alpine experience and surefootedness.

Malga Innere Schwemmalm

Val d'Ultimo
innere schwemmaln 00235 1
A "real" alpine pasture in the skiing and hiking area Schwemmalm in the Ulten Valley, only a walk of about 20 minutes from the top station of the cable car. "Real" because on the Inner Schwemmalm cows are still herded and milked in the evening, pigs run around freely, but also rabbits and cats and goats. In addition, a hut hostess who makes a perfect Kaiserschmarren from the milk obtained here, of course, the eggs for this also come from the happy chickens that roam around the hut. In addition, a top location - a little away from the hustle and bustle, but directly on the hiking trail to the idyllic "Gruab".

Malga Videgger Assen

Malga Videgger Assen
videgger assen alm 04777 1170x780
Small hut with a large terrace in the middle of one of the most beautiful spots that Merano has to offer! In the middle of a large hay meadow you sit on the Videgger Assen hut, surrounded by gentle meadows, which direct the view towards the valley, Merano and surroundings, while the rugged rock faces in the back give a feeling of protection. The easiest way to reach it is via the Almenweg trail from the Hirzer cable car mountain station.

Rifugio Ivigna

Monte Scena
ifinger hutte 02997 1024x682 1
The Ifinger hut is easy to reach via a gentle hiking trail from the Taser cable car, but also via partly steep and strenuous hiking trails, which run over the entire Monte Scena: No matter which ascent route you choose, you deserve your rest at the Rifugio Ivigna! Wonderfully situated on a green alpine meadow below the Mount Ivigna massif, you can also take over 2 other, small but fine tours to the Künig or to the Lawand summit from here.

Malga Leiter

leiteralm 05723
Directly on the Merano High Altitude Trail, the Leiter Alm is located on a rocky outcrop right at the transition between the forests above Lagundo and the steep rock faces of the Texel Group. And to reach it, the options are as varied as the menu here: Either you pass here via the Merano High Altitude Trail, or even easier with the chairlift from Lagundo and the ancient but romantic basket lift from Velloi, which floats slowly and silently just above the treetops to just below the alp.

Malga Obisell

Malga Obisell
obisell alm 04465
If you are aiming for the Obisell Alm, you can expect an arduous, often steep and partly exposed ascent of almost 1000 hm. But you climb part of the ascent on the Hahnenkamm, a ridge with a view of Merano and so incidentally you also take a summit cross for the perfect selfie (the Pfitscher Köpfl). Once arrived, you can stretch out here, in the middle of this green depression in the middle of nothing at the clear Obisell Lake and, if you're lucky, watch some cows bathing before you let the hut hostess prepare you a hearty Kaiserschmarren!
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