Meraner Huette

Easy to reach hiking destination in Merano 2000
Located in the heart of the Merano 2000 hiking area, the Merano Hut is situated on the slopes of Mount Mittager, whose steep slope is a household name among skiers in winter.
If you are one of those pleasure hikers who like to combine an easy hike with culinary delights, you will especially enjoy a circular hike from Falzeben to the Meraner Hut!

Instead of following the crowds that take the classic route via the Piffing (top station of the cable car), you can reach the Meraner Hut via the opposite Moschwald from Avelengo. To do this, turn right immediately at the valley station of the cable car in the direction of the Moschwald Alm. After about 20 minutes of leisurely hiking, the first ascent begins in the direction of the Moschwaldalm, where it first goes up over a forest path, then over an old flagstone path. Immediately after this climb, which was also the biggest and most difficult of this entire circular hike, you arrive directly at the Moschwaldalm, where you can make a first pit stop. From here on, the trail continues eastwards, without any notable climbs, towards Merano 2000 and the Meraner Hut. The wide path runs through woods and meadows and gives again and again the view of the mighty Mount Ivigna.


From here it is only a short distance to the last climb, from which you can already see the Meraner Hut, and then you have made it: On the large terrace you are served quickly and friendly by a friendly team, while you enjoy the unobstructed view of Merano 2000 and the mighty peaks of Ifinger and Plattenspitzen. The spicy hut noodles are served in the pan (9.50 €), the tender dumplings on a bed of lettuce (10 €) and the still warm apple strudel (4.50 €) with lots of cream are a poem, all dishes let you know immediately that here on the highest quality of ingredients is valued. And! the portions can be seen, it is hardly possible that you have to go on your way again.

Continue hiking or return via Merano 2000
If you still have strength in your legs after the refreshment at the Merano Hut: In about 30 minutes from here you can reach the "Spieler", one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Merano 2000!
For the return you can choose the route via Merano 2000, which will bring you back to Falzeben in the shortest and most direct way. Along the route you can make acquaintance with the many Haflinger horses, which spend their summer holidays there, on the further course you will find with the Rotwand and the Zuegghütte still 2 more huts for refreshment.


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