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Kuhleiten Hut

Just reopened!
For a place in the sun on the terrace of the Kuhleiten Hut you have to make an effort! In order to enjoy the best view of Merano 2000, the Salten, Merano and its surroundings and Avelengo, you need to climb at least 500 meters in altitude, if you climb from the top station of the Merano 2000 cable car.
But from here it is not far to the small and large Ifinger summit, the latter requires some alpine experience and surefootedness.
After the tragic avalanche death of Karl Gruber, the former innkeeper, the Kuhleiten Hut has been reopened since July 2017 under the leadership of Ulli and Christine, 2 young, dedicated innkeepers!

Those who are now in their later 30s can still remember the Kuhleiten hut well: the eternal queuing at the chairlift, the adventurous ascent with the same and the deep-snow descents just behind the hut! Together with the construction of the new Oswald chairlift, which ends about 150 meters further down the valley, the old chairlift was dismantled.


If during the day it is mainly hikers who enjoy the view from the terrace, it is the ski tourers who in winter populate the warm room until late in the evening. On Thursdays and Fridays the ski slopes of the skiing and hiking area Merano 2000 are legally accessible with skis until about 23:00!
Along the climbs signposted for ski tourers, the route goes from Falzeben past the Piffing up to the Kuhleiten Hut. Even if you are alone at night in the open terrain - you never feel alone!
Everywhere on the slope and on the ski trails you can recognize the other ski tourers by the small cones of light, who are also ascending and have the same goal: The warm rooms of the hut! There, after the strenuous ascent, a simple but fine menu and cool Hefe Beer from the bottle, the national drink of the ski tourers, await the tired tourers. The parlor is usually well filled, the service is nimble and friendly, there is that great, relaxed atmosphere that can only be found in mountain huts! From 22: 00 approx. one should leave again, in order to let the slope devices of the ski society again "free course".
You can reach the hut with the new cable car from Merano, from the top station of the cable car there are still 450 meters of altitude to climb or from Falzeben (parking fee 4 €) , from where there are 750 meters of altitude.

Conclusion: A visit to the Kuhleitenhütte is warmly recommended to the inclined mountain friend! Whether on foot, with snowshoes, skis or with the MTB in summer. Its location with super view and the good food reward the sweaty ascent to the 2361 meters above sea level.



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From Merano it is about 5 minutes by car to the valley station of the cable car Merano 2000. From there take the cable car up to the ski and hiking area. Alternatively parking lot Falzeben. (300 meters more altitude to climb)
Hiking trail 18 to Waidmann Alm. From there well signposted hiking trail to Kuhleiten Hütte- Ifinger
Depending on your condition, the ascent takes 1.5 - 2.5 hours.
The opening hours of the Kuhleiten hut depend on the operating hours of the Merano 2000 cable car.