Leiter Hut

Directly on the Merano High Altitude Trail, the Leiter Hut is situated on a rocky outcrop right at the transition between the forests above Lagundo and the steep rock faces of the Texel Group.
And to reach them, the possibilities are just as varied as the menu here: Either you come by here via the Merano high trail, or even easier with the chairlift from Lagundo and the ancient but romantic basket lift from Velloi, which floats slowly and silently just above the treetops to just below the alp.

Super food, magnificent view ! The Leiter Hut is located high above Lagundo at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level. It is considered by locals and guests as one of the most popular alpine pastures around Merano.
This is due to the easy accessibility with the basket lift from the 60s from Velloi, a ride with it is in times of detachable and ultra-fast chairlifts with heated chairs already an experience per se! Slowly and silently goes up through the steep forest, some trees are so close here that you can almost grab them.


From the kitchen and cellar come classic South Tyrolean dishes and pasta dishes and local wines, which are quickly served by friendly and competent staff. For hikers, however, the Leiter Hut scores above all with its location just below the steep rock walls directly on the Merano High Altitude Trail. If you take the eastern direction here, you will reach the Muthöfe directly on an almost level, but very exposed route. In the opposite direction, the hiker reaches the Gampen Kuhalm, which marks the entrance to the Taufenscharte. Those who leave the said saddle on the right will reach the Hochganghaus after a hike of about 1 hour.


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