Videgger Assen Hut

One of the most beautiful places in Merano! A cozy cottage with large terrace in the middle of one of the most beautiful spots that the Merano region has to offer!
In the midst of a large hay meadow you sit on the hut, surrounded by gentle meadows, which direct the view towards the valley, Merano and surroundings, while the rugged rock faces in the back give a feeling of protection. The easiest way to reach it is via the Almenweg trail from the Hirzer cable car mountain station.

What awaits you at the Videgger Assen Hut:
- One of the highest hay meadows in South Tyrol.
- Absolute tranquility, nestled in spacious meadows under rugged rock faces
- Imposing position between the two peaks of Hirzer and Ifinger
- View of Merano, Vinschgau and the Texel Group
- Simple but excellent cuisine, served by charming alpine innkeeper


The Videgger Assen are located in the area of the Hirzer hiking area in Scena.
If you are in Merano and let your gaze fall silent over the silhouette of the summit to the left of the Ifinger peak, you will immediately notice the large, lush green triangle that stands out below the rugged rock walls of the Plattenspitze(s): The Videgger Assen. Why this fertile cone has resisted the natural erosion that prevails all around is beyond the author's knowledge, but the fact is: the Assen Alm is among the most beautiful that the Merano countryside has to offer!


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From Merano it is about 25 minutes by car to Saltusio in the Passeier Valley. There you will find the valley station of the Hirzer cable car. From the top station you can expect an approx. 1-hour hike to the Videgger Assen Hut.
Open from May to October from 10:00 to 18:00.