Waal Paths in Merano

These old waterways in Merano fulfill their function today as they did centuries ago: they supply the farmers' orchards with precious water.
Centuries-old water rights and concessions regulate the withdrawal of water and are strictly observed, the same applies to their maintenance and care: for this very reason there are the Waal paths: these lead along the Waale and enable its maintenance and provide access to the individual withdrawal stations. The Waal paths are open to the public and are well maintained. This paths have little gradient, as a consequence Waal paths are also flat and there are rarely obstacles in their way. Whoever walks a Waalpath is accompanied by the water and discovers changing environments in all seasons.

The Waal paths in Merano


Maiser Waal Path

Maia Alta
Maia Alta Waal Path
The perfect Waal path for joggers! Starting from Merano, it is 8.5 kilometers that stretch through a continuously changing landscape. You can run the entire Maiser Waalweg all the way to Saltusio in the Passeier Valley, and from there take the bus back to Merano.

Maiser Waal Path

Scena Waal Path

Scena waal path
The ideal waal path for landscape lovers! The Scena Waal path lies somewhat higher than most other waal paths in Merano and offers plenty of views of the surrounding area along its entire route, which can be enjoyed from the numerous resting benches.

Scena Waal Path

Lagundo Waal Path

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The waal path for gourmets! Whether this is due to the fine restaurants and refreshment options at the beginning, middle and end of the Lagundo waal path or to its course, which leads through the very best vineyards, is up to you. It is a pleasure in any case, this path, which is already since the Middle Ages in function also thanks to its gentle course through the Mediterranean Merano hillside.

Lagundo Waal Path

Marlengo Waal Path

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The waal path for families: The Marlengo waal path really deserves this title: On the one hand, you will find a large parking lot above Marlengo, above which a huge adventure playground for children begins. On the other hand, the entire course of the waal trail itself is equipped with interesting information boards and stations where your children can conduct experiments to learn about the waal trail, but also about the forest and its functions in a playful way.

Marlengo Waal Path

Parcines Waal Path

partschinser waalweg
The Waal path for the comfortable. It is short, the Parcines waal path, and therefore relatively quickly walked.  A pity, actually, because this Waal hike leads through a very interesting scenic mix of mixed forest and chestnut forests, but also stone cirques. But you still have enough time to visit South Tyrol's highest waterfall, which thunders to the valley just above the beginning of the waal path and can be reached from there in about 15 minutes on foot!

Riffiano Waal Path

riffianer waalweg 08549
The Waal path for those seeking peace and meditation. On the one hand, this path is very little frequented, only rarely will someone disturb you while you let your thoughts run free. If you follow the Riffiano path to the south, it will bring you to a small waterfall, from where the Tyrolean path continues. Heading north, on the other hand, you will come straight to the Riffian pilgrimage church, a top address for believers, pilgrims and culturally interested people.

Brandis Waal Path

Brandis Waalweg 3979
The waal path for every weather and every season! Just above the village of Lana, the Brandis Waalweg leads from Oberlana to Niederlana and ends at the Brandis waterfall. Very convenient to reach thanks to a large parking lot in Oberlana and to walk in about 35-40 minutes, this waal path is ideal for a walk in any weather condition.

Brandis Waal Path