The 8 most important paths and alpine pastures in Lagundo

Lagundo has a wide and varied network of walking and hiking trails of different lengths and difficulties.
While some trails start conveniently in the village center, for others you should plan a ride on the cable car or chairlift. But from the comfortably reached starting altitude, a myriad of hiking possibilities are open to you! Every hike includes a stop for refreshments, which is why you will also find the 2 alpine huts of Lagundo in this list.

Paths and alpine pastures in Lagundo


Lagundo Waal Path

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The Lagundo Waal Path starts at the Tel, after it has taken in the water from the Zielbach stream. From there it runs with a gentle gradient in the direction of Merano. The Waal nestles on the slope above Lagundo and crosses extensive vineyards and sparse forests to cross the wine trail halfway. An ideal walk for sunny afternoons with several places to stop for refreshments.
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Of course you can also reach Velloi comfortably by car or by chairlift! But if you want to earn the excellent offer of the gastronomy in Velloi, the hiking trail from Lagundo offers the perfect solution! High through the Grabbach, the hiking trail leads through the mixed forest, which again and again gives you a view of the surrounding area. Halfway, a small highlight awaits you: the Birnbam Eck: here the hiking trail leads through a large meadow, which is overgrown with ancient pear trees.
Once you have arrived in Velloi, nothing stands in the way of an excellent meal with a panoramic view, also because you can take it easy on the way back thanks to the chairlift or alternatively the bus connection to Lagundo.

The Velloi Rock Path

vellauer felsenweg 1k
The Velloi Rock Path takes its start in Velloi (easy to reach with the chairlift) and ends at the Muthöfe above Tirolo. After the first ascent on a comfortable forest and meadow path, the trail leads over very exposed terrain and is only recommended for people with a head for heights!

Hans Frieden Trail

hans frieden weg 1k
The Hans Frieden trail is considered a continuation of the Velloi Rock path. It seamlessly connects to this trail at the Muthöfe above Tirool to lead you back to the Lagundo municipal area, directly to the Leiter Alm. Here, too, there are some exposed passages to overcome, which are well secured with chains.
The Hans Frieden trail is a section of the Merano High hiking Trail, from Lagundo together with the Velloi Rock Trail it offers you the perfect opportunity to undertake an eventful circular hike.

Leiter Hut

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A lot of views of the surroundings, a huge, comfortable terrace, a friendly team and excellent food await you at the Leiter Hut. In addition, there is the easy accessibility, which is given by gondola lift and the many opportunities for children to let off steam around the alp. From here the Merano high hiking Trail leads to the Muthöfe and the Hochganghaus.


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Change of location: We are still in Lagundo, but we have changed the mountain: From Aschbach, a small fraction of Algund, which is located on the Monte Tramontana and can be reached with a new cable car to Rablà you can explore the San Viglio area or hike to the wonderfully located Naturnser Hut.
It is best to plan a circular hike, which will lead you over the Vigiljoch and from there return to the top station of the cable car.


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Actually, the Schlundenstein is "only" a huge boulder above Lagundo. But it has it in itself: On the one hand, it is provided with numerous bowls. These human-made bowl-shaped depressions served as sacrificial and cult sites in pre-Christian times. On the other hand, the Schlundenstein is the highest point of the educational wine trail, from where you can return to the Algunder Waalweg. In spring, the Schlundenstein is also still a longing destination of boulder fans from Central and Northern Europe. While it is still cold and stormy there, they can climb routes with difficulty levels up to 8b here on the warm rock under the Lagundo sun.