Hirzer and Hoenig peak

A tour description
We decide for the "classic" journey: By car from Scena to Saltusio (25 minutes), at the valley station is enough free parking available. From there we take the cable car to the top station Klammeben, once at the middle station you have to change to a somewhat larger gondola. In the first morning hours here is still nothing of the big hustle and bustle to discover, which will develop here on sunny Sundays in high summer like today!

Starting from the mountain station, this hiking tour begins on the hiking trail to the Staffell Hut. On the flat, wide path there we enjoy the first rays of sunshine and breathe in the scent of the alpine roses, while the last high fogs disperse and the morning dew glistens on the grasses in the first rays of sunshine. Arriving at the Staffell Hut, we reflect on happy hours spent here as we turn to the now steep ascent over the ridge.

After the arduous first meters of altitude on the narrow hiking trail, we pass the Weather Cross, while the cows there do not dignify us with a glance, our gaze wanders again and again to the Videgger Asssen to the south, which are basking in the first light and make the peak of the Ifinger behind them seem almost threatening. Further and further over the ridge the path becomes a bit more technical, there are some easy climbing passages in partly exposed positions to master. You also notice that the air has become a little thinner, the breath goes faster, partly also from joy to have reached the first stage of the day: The Hönig peak (2689 meters) is located to the left of the hiking trail and can be reached from there in a few minutes!


From the Hönig peak it is only 100 meters in altitude to the Hirzer, but they have it in abundance:
It goes over the in constant up and down over the Hirzergrat, the path becomes steeper and steeper and also stonier, caution and a foresighted look up are here the order of the day.At the same time rise with us always fog from the Sarntal up, which cover the Hirzergipfel again and again in clouds. We hurry now quite to reach the summit in safe (visibility) conditions.

Arrived at the summit, we literally soak up the location and the magnificent panorama, but the rising fog and the cutting cold north wind makes us want to leave again after the obligatory sip of summit wine. We decide to take the normal route, which brings us directly back to the Hirzer pasture, which is also reached after about 1:30 h descent.

As soon as we reach the Hirzer pasture, the weather has calmed down again, the sun is shining again! We are now really hungry and decide to stop at the Tallner Alm Kaser, this is the first hut that we crossed on the descent, and it was a good decision! The food ( dumplings with chanterelles, Kaiserschmarren) tastes great, there is music, and the friendly service lets us also shrug over the yet quite salted prices overlook. After we get up again with tired legs, it is fortunately only a few minutes walk to the top station of the cable car, which brings us safely back to the valley.


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Approach & Ascent
With the Hirzer cable car from Saltusio, from the mountain station Klammeben approx. 2.5 h, ascent (approx. 900 hm)
Walkable from May to November (if snow-free)