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Sopranes lakes

What a hiking area!
The Sopranos lakes together form the highest lake district in Europe and are - yes... they are the most beautiful, most spectacular and (fortunately!) most undeveloped hiking area in the Merano region!
Its location in the heart of the Texel Group makes it easily accessible via the Meran High Route, which passes through here. The classic tour from the Muta cable car to the Oberkaser (750 m altitude difference) takes about 2.5 hours each way.

The easiest access to this area of almost surreal beauty is via the Muta farms (1200 m) above Tirolo, which can be reached comfortably by cable car from 08:30. From there you pass the Mutkopf (1700 m) in the direction of the Muta summit, until at 1850 m the Jägersteig branches off to the right into the Soprane valley.
Over a length of 3 km you have to climb a further 300 m to reach the Oberkaser Alm with its 2 lakes.


There it really pays to resist the culinary temptations (for now) and dare the steep climb towards Grünsee, Langsee and Milchseen, the latter are at a sea level of 2540 meters and offer fantastic views and views of the mountains of the Texelgruppe and beyond!

From there, the Merano high hiking trail continues over the Hochgangscharte, I myself decide for a beer and a hearty Kaiserschmarren at the Oberkaser Alm, which I can also warmly recommend by virtue of its friendly and courteous hut keepers!

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