Velloi Rock Trail

The Velloi rock path is not very steep, but very exposed and leads from Velloi above Lagundo to the Muta farms (Tirolo).
Arrived at the Mut farms, the Hans Frieden trail connects there, which has similar characteristics and leads above the Velloi rock trail back to the Lagundo municipal area to the Leiter Alm.

Ideally, an excursion on the rock trail begins in Lagundo, from where the time-honored chairlift takes you to the starting altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Arrived in the picturesque Velloi, you first pass the old church, the actual hiking trail starts there right away with this indication: there is still little to see of difficult conditions, the hiking trail meanders leisurely through the forest until a stream is reached, which marks the end of the small valley, which now turns into the actual rock walls towards the east.

And behold! Suddenly, after only a few steps, you are standing in the open, rocky steep terrain. It is so steep that no tree can grow here, which is also noticeable by the fact that the temperatures rise noticeably: On the one hand from the direct irradiation of the sun, on the other hand also the nearby rock walls shine the absorbed heat again.


Even experienced hikers will love making use of the chains that secure the entire trail in exposed areas. Finally, the terrain along the Velloi rock path drops completely vertically for over 200 meters in some places.
Once you have reached the Muta farms, you can return to Lagundo via the Hans Frieden trail to the Leiter Alm, which is located at 1560 meters above sea level, thus completing an eventful circular hike in the mountains of Lagundo. From there you can reach Velloi/Lagundo on foot or by chairlift.

Depending on your constitution, the entire hike from Velloi via the rock path to the Muta farms takes about 1-1.5 hours. A steady footing and a tall head are prerequisites for this hike, and in summer you should carry enough water in your backpack, because it can get very hot here!


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